Why Did Lizzie McGuire Reboot Get Cancelled? We Have an Answer

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We are living in a golden era for reboots and long-awaited sequels. One highly anticipated reboot was Disney+’s planned Lizzie McGuire comeback, announced in August of 2019. Little more than a year later, fans learned that it had been cancelled after development had already begun. So, why did the Lizzie McGuire reboot get cancelled? We finally have an answer, so let’s dig into it.

The Reboot That Never Was

The original series, Lizzie McGuire, premiered in 2001 on the Disney Channel. It followed the titular character, played by Hilary Duff, as she navigated life as a thirteen-year-old girl. It was beloved for its approach to serious topics, quirky humour, and relatable family dynamics. The series ended in 2004.

The reboot, announced in 2019, was set to feature Lizzie as a woman in her 30s. Little was released about the show, but fans knew to expect typical Lizzie shenanigans. Our hopes and dreams for the character didn’t last long, as it was cancelled in 2020. Duff eventually spoke on the reason for the cancellation, claiming that Disney “got spooked.” She added that they were in a tricky place, wanting to portray a more mature character without going overboard. It was assumed that the series was trying to portray themes that were just too much for the streamer, as they may not be considered appropriate for some of its user base.

Why Did The Lizzie McGuire Reboot Get Cancelled?

After years of crushed dreams, we finally have a solid answer to the question, “Why did the Lizzie McGuire reboot get cancelled?” The answers come from Jonathan Hurwitz, one of the writers on the now-axed show. Hurwitz shared that they had written and filmed the first two episodes of the reboot before they got the news.

The series started with our beloved Lizzie living in New York City and working in interior design. Things change when she finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her with her best friend, sending Lizzie packing her bags and returning to her childhood home. She reunites with her former flame and childhood best friend, Gordo, who is now engaged and expecting his first child.

So what was it that spooked Disney? Apparently, the next episode to be shot featured Lizzie meeting up with character Ethan Craft, a former crush.

“Lizzie wakes up in Ethan’s bed, in his water-polo t-shirt,” Hurwitz explains. The scene suggests, thanks to an animated Lizzie checking off her to-do list, that Lizzie and Ethan were intimate – twice. When it came time to address what scenes Disney wasn’t comfortable with, Hurwitz thinks this was one of them.

Why Did Lizzie McGuire Reboot Get Cancelled? We Finally Have an Answer
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Will The Reboot Ever Happen?

As it turns out, the Lizzie McGuire reboot got cancelled because Disney wasn’t comfortable with some of the more mature themes the story would tell. However, fans of the original series are grown up and are definitely old enough for something a bit more PG-13.

In agreement with her fans, Duff has remained nothing but optimistic about the future of the show. She hasn’t given up. While there has been no official word on if the reboot will ever try again, we’ll hold onto Duff’s optimism.

Readers, would you watch a Lizzie McGuire reboot? Let us know your thoughts on the future of the show and what you think about our final answer to the “Why did the Lizzie McGuire reboot get cancelled” question!

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