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There Can Be Only One Highlander (Hopefully This Reboot Isn’t Trash)

Hey movie fans, remember that Christopher Lambert flick from the 80s with the epic Queen soundtrack? Yeah, “Highlander.” Well, guess what? It’s getting the reboot treatment, and this time, they’ve got some serious muscle behind it. We’re talking Henry Cavill, the dude who looks like he could bench press a mountain, wielding a sword instead of a Kryptonian fight suit. And directing the whole thing? Chad Stahelski, the mastermind behind the bone-breaking action of the “John Wick” movies. So, yeah, the fight scenes are gonna be insane.

More Than Just Head Choppin’

But Stahelski says this reboot is about more than just slicing and dicing. He wants to explore the whole “immortality” concept and what it’s like to live forever, watch everyone you love die, and maybe even fall in love again and again. Think of it as “John Wick” meets “Groundhog Day,” but with way more swords and kilts (hopefully).

This ain’t just a one-off movie either. Lionsgate is betting big on “Highlander,” planning a whole franchise with movies, TV shows, and who knows what else. Basically, they’re building a universe of immortal sword-wielding warriors. Sounds pretty epic, right?

Filming Soon (ish)

Stahelski’s already scouting locations in Scotland (because, duh, gotta have those sweeping Highland landscapes). Filming starts early next year, with a target release date sometime in 2026. So, yeah, we gotta wait a minute, but trust us, this reboot is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Here’s the thing, reboots can be hit or miss. But with Cavill’s star power and Stahelski’s action chops, “Highlander” has the potential to be legendary (just like the original, hopefully). The question is: can they capture the magic of the first movie (and maybe even bring back that Queen song)? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, let us know in the comments below: Who’s your favorite immortal warrior (besides Connor MacLeod, of course)? And what are you most hyped to see in the new “Highlander”?

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