The Bad Batch Season 2: Can Crosshair Ever Find Redemption? Should He?

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Star Wars fans love a good redemption story. Hell, the original trilogy was all about the redemption of Darth Vader. And then we spent another trilogy going backward to find out just how good he initially was, thereby adding more weight to his sacrifice, leading to his eventual redemption. So with two seasons into The Bad Batch, I’m wondering if we’re headed down the same path with a former member of the Batch, Crosshair. With season 2 starting strong, creator Dave Filoni looks to be planting seeds that hint at that. But it’s still too early to tell where we are going with Crosshair’s storyline. With The Bad Batch’s Crosshair now officially the odd one out, will he ever find his way back to his brothers? I think so. Read on to find out how I think Crosshair could find redemption. 

Spoiler Warning: The following will contain spoilers for The Bad Batch season 2 episode 3 titled ‘The Solitary Clone’.

The Bad Batch’s Crosshair Has Done Horrible Things

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Before discussing if Crosshair’s redemption is forthcoming, we should probably look at what he’s done so far. In season 1 of The Bad Batch, Crosshair orders the execution of a camp full of innocent civilians while looking for Saw Gerrara. Throughout the rest of the season, he similarly kills, hurts and hunts others, including his own brothers, The Bad Batch themselves. Initially, we, as well as the Batch, think Crosshair’s actions are due to the inhibitor chip that caused all Clone Troopers to betray the Jedi in Order 66.

However, we soon find out that Crosshair removed his chip early on. So his blind loyalty to the Empire isn’t a result of mindless programming through technology. But rather a choice Crosshair made. This is what made Crosshair such a good antagonist. The misdirection of the chip being thought of as the cause of his actions, only for the reveal to show that he is accountable for them, was heartbreaking. But The Bad Batch and Crosshair’s dynamic gets even worse with the revelation in the third episode of season two.

The Solitary Clone Chooses His Own Actions

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Episode 3 of season 3 sees Crosshair team up with another popular Clone Trooper from The Clone Wars animated series, Commander Cody. Cody was another friendly clone who worked with all the Jedi for years before Order 66 made him turn against them. He returns in this episode, serving the new Empire, and carrying out missions for them. Just like Crosshair.

However, when faced with a less-than-black-and-white decision, Cody takes pause. When the representative of a planet is refusing to join the Empire, because they want peace, Cody promises to hear her out, and even take her request to his superiors. However, before he can follow through, Crosshair shoots and kills her at the command of an Imperial Officer. Without hesitation, because, as Cody says earlier— ‘good soldiers follow orders’.

What Bad Batch’s Crosshair’s Actions Mean For Clones Everywhere

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By the end of this episode, we see Cody struggle with Crosshair’s action, leaving him disillusioned with his service in the Empire. We then hear about how Cody is now AWOL, meaning he deserted his post, due to this questioning of the Empire’s motives and actions. What this shows us, is how the Clones aren’t evil, and that the chip didn’t make them evil, but that they know right from wrong. And when faced with the Empire’s evil ways, many Clones deserted their posts.

But even more important, what this means for The Bad Batch’s Crosshair. Knowing now that despite the chip, Clone Troopers can think for themselves and choose to leave the Empire’s service, it shows Crosshair in a different light. It proves, one and for all, that everything Crosshair has done up until now, has been his choice. Not the chip. Not the brainwashing. But Crosshair alone. Which makes it much harder for any possible redemption arc. If Crosshair chose to do all the horrible things he did, despite having an alternative but quite literally choosing the Empire over his brothers, redemption’s going to be hard to come.

And while the show definitely looks like they may be setting up for that. It’s going to be hard to cheer for that eventual redemption arc, knowing that Crosshair can’t justify his own actions besides a ‘following orders’ rationale.

Episode 3 of The Bad Batch season 2 is now streaming on Disney+.

What do you think about The Bad Batch’s Crosshair and his actions? Do you think he can ever return to his family? Or is he too far gone? Let me know in the comments below.

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