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X-Men 97 Marvel Studios Live Action X-Men Movie Reboot Kevin Feige Hugh Jackman Deadpool and Wolverine

X-Men ’97 Created A New Challenge For Marvel’s Future

X-Men ’97 has taken the world by storm. The Disney+ revival series has achieved an unprecedented milestone, becoming the highest-rated Marvel Studios project ever. With a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, it has surpassed previous top-rated Marvel works, including Ms. ...
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Frank Grillo as Rick Flag Sr. Grillo.

Frank Grillo as Rick Flag Sr. In Peacemaker & Creature Commandos Raises More Questions About The New DCU

New DCU Co-CEO James Gunn recently revealed a casting announcement for his upcoming Creature Commandos animated series, and the long-anticipated Peacemaker season 2. We now have confirmation on Frank Grillo as Rick Flag Sr. in both shows. However, the news ...