Timothee Chalamet Has Role-Envy In New Apple TV+ Originals Ad

Timothee Chalamet Apple TV+ Ad Featured.

When Apple TV+ first launched, it had barely any content. Well, things are a lot different now with the tech company’s streaming service landing some critical acclaim for their work. With CODA winning Best Picture at the 2022 Oscars, and Ted Lasso being the most uplifting thing on TV, Apple TV+ has some good stuff. With even more on the way. And who better to hype us up about all that’s coming than an actor who might be a little green about not being involved yet? The new Timothee Chalamet Apple TV+ ad is a funny way to promote their upcoming lineup with one of the biggest up-and-coming actors today.

Timothee Chalamet Apple TV+ Ad Is Hilarious

While Netflix also does these previews of their upcoming slate, it looks like Apple TV+ has found a way to make it even more entertaining. Beyond just the usual sizzle reel, anyways. Chalamet is one of the most talented actors working today, with critically acclaimed performances in movies like Call Me By Your Name and Dune. He’s even playing the new Willy Wonka in a new remake. Not to mention the positive buzz around Bones And All. 

So getting Chalamet to partner with them in this new preview teaser is kind of a big deal for the streamer. But as the Timothee Chalamet Apple TV+ ad makes it very clear, despite all these roles, the young actor still feels like he’s not doing enough.

The New Ad Features Apple TV+ Massive Upcoming Lineup

Timothee Chalamet Apple TV+ Ad Tub.
Image via Apple TV+.

The Timothee Chalamet Apple TV+ ad has a very simple premise. While going on premieres or just sitting at home, Chalamet is browsing the Apple TV+ library, surprised at all the big names working with the streamer. He wows at Jennifer Lawrence in Causeway, how the aforementioned CODA won Best Picture, and how Ted Lasso is just Jason Sudeikis in a moustache. And many other surprised takes.

All of them with the theme of how flabbergasted he is that so many people are on Apple TV+, but him. He even answers a FaceTime call on his iPhone (because branding!) from Jason Mamoa who brags about completing his new show. And then Mamoa seemingly taunts Chalamet about who doesn’t have an Apple TV+ show right now.

The ad ends with Chalamet looking directly into the camera, asking Apple TV+ to call him. It’s a hilarious ad that not only previews everything the giant streamer has coming in 2023 but also gets audiences talking about one of their favourite actors flexing a bit of his comedy chops. I’m still not sure if this means Chalamet is going to be in a new original from Apple TV+, or if this was just a one-off situation.

All the shows and movies featured in the Timothee Chalamet ad are on Apple TV+ now, or will be coming later in 2023. 

What did you think about all the movies and shows Apple TV+ has coming out? Which is your most anticipated? Let me know in the comments below.

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