Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2: Who Redesigned The Boys’ Armour And Why? 

One of Star Wars‘ newest additions to their franchise is the animated The Bad Batch series. Season 1 continued the adventures of Clone Force 99, originally introduced in The Clone Wars season 7. The series focuses on how this group of Clones reacted to Order 66 and their place in the universe after the fact. While the change in status quo in the universe divided the elite group of clones, they also welcomed a new team member in Omega; a young girl who is a clone just like them. The Bad Batch season 2 premiere sees the team return, but with an entirely new look. And I have some thoughts about who possibly designed those new looks. And it’s pretty cute, if true.

Disclaimer: Please note that the following will include spoilers for The Bad Batch season 2 premiere, episode 1 titled ‘Spoils Of War’.

The Bad Batch Season 2 Premiere

Bad Batch season 2 premiere poster.

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In the premiere of The Bad Batch season 2, we see the boys pick up where they spent most of season 1, doing jobs for Cid (Rhea Perlman). Last we saw them, the Batch, along with Omega, survived the destruction of Kamino and went off on their own, leaving behind Crosshair, who refused to join them. The season 2 premiere picks up on a lighter note, as the Bad Batch (all voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) are in a tight spot on a planet full of oversized crabs.

We right away see just how far Omega has progressed in her training with the Squad from season 1, as she’s hanging off of the ship providing cover fire as the boys escape their outrageous predicament. She’s a complete badass! While still being an excitable kid. Omega’s (Michelle Ang) dynamic with the rest of the team is as cute as ever, but there’s one aspect of this season 2 premiere that might make their relationship even cuter!

The Bad Batch: From Clone Wars To Their Own Show

Bad Batch season 2 premiere clone wars.

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When the Bad Batch first appeared in the first four episodes of season 7 of The Clone Wars, they looked slightly different. Their armour began as an offshoot of the regulation Clone Trooper armour, with obvious modifications based on each of their unique skill sets. The armour was darker than the white clone trooper armour, with variations of dark grey with some red accents.

Each member of the Bad Batch had their own modified helmet though. Wrecker’s was big and bulky with a menacing grimace paint job on it. Tech had a helmet that allowed him to see using his special goggles. Hunter and Crosshair had their own special helmets to take advantage of their skills. And when Echo joined them, his helmet had to accommodate for his cybernetic impacts on his head. But the Bad Batch season 2 premiere reveals even more changes to their armour.

Changing Colours Has Thematic Implications In Bad Batch Season 2 Premiere

Bad Batch season 2 premiere s1

Image via Disney+.

The Bad Batch season 2 premiere shows a more colourful former Clone Force 99. The overall colour of their armour has changed. Instead of a uniform grey, the armour has more different colours throughout, with different areas in different colours. The colours vary from their grey to black, navy and even lighter greys throughout. On top of which, there’s also a lot of colourful paintwork on their helmets and accents throughout.

Given how the Batch are now not just rogue Clone Troopers, but a team of their own, with no allegiance to anyone but themselves, the change in armour colour makes sense. It aligns with where the team was at the end of season 1. They were no longer a special team of Clone Troopers serving the Republic, but mercenaries, taking on jobs to survive. Their only loyalty is to their own. So the change in their armour colours symbolizes this shift in their ideals and philosophy. But it serves a practical purpose too. Given that the Clone Troopers and the future Stormtroopers who serve the Empire are always in all white, separating themselves as much as possible from them, lets others know that they are not part of the Empire.

Who Redesigned The Bad Batch’s New Armour Colors?

Bad Batch season 2 premiere episode.

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But the cutest thing about this redesign is who might have done it. Given everything we know about these characters, I don’t see Echo and Hunter sitting around deciding on what bright colours to add to their armour. Or Tech attempting to calculate which colour combinations best complement each other from a strategic standpoint. Wrecker, I can see absolutely doing all of this. But the most logical explanation is that this shift in a bright color palette is something that Omega suggested.

The entire dynamic between Omega and the Bad Batch, specifically Hunter, is a very older brother-younger sister vibe, or even a father-daughter relationship. So it makes sense that the child of the group would recommend a fun and bright aesthetic for their previously dull and dark armour. But what’s even cuter, is that the boys totally accepted and went along with it.

It’s just like how some kids will want to paint their father’s nails or do makeup, and the dads just accept and even get into it, for the sake of their daughter’s happiness. And just thinking that Omega might have excitedly wanted to update the boy’s armour, and they happily agreed is a bit of headcanon that enhances their relationship so much more to me. And also might show just how much she means to them.

The Bad Batch season 2 premiere episode is now streaming on Disney+.

Do you think Omega was responsible for the boys’ new looks? Or do you think it was for some other reason? Let me know in the comments below.

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