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Man Of Steel sequel featured.

Warner Bros. Is Moving Forward With Man Of Steel 2! Finally!

Man Of Steel was the beginning of what we now know as the DC Extended Universe. It was critically and commercially successful enough to warrant creating the shared universe that gave us Wonder Woman, Aquaman and all the other DCEU films. However, to this day fans are still waiting for a Man Of Steel sequel. A new report now confirms that Warner Bros is actively moving ahead with Man Of Steel 2. Something that should make Henry Cavill fans rejoice!

The latest exclusive from The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav and Warner Bros. Pictures heads, Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy want a Man Of Steel 2. Actually, the report calls it an ‘intense desire’, which seems to match the fervour that the fans also have for Henry Cavill’s iteration of Superman. The Man Of Steel sequel is going ahead with producer Charles Roven. They are currently at the stage of finalizing a screenwriter. THR reports that while there is a wish list, no writer has is yet confirmed. The first Man Of Steel screenwriter was David S. Goyer, with a story by Christopher Nolan.

Man Of Steel sequel original..

Image via Warner Bros.

The wishlist seems to include critically acclaimed writer-director Christopher McQuarrie, the man behind the recent slate of Mission Impossible movies. Although, McQuarrie is currently busy with back-to-back movies from that franchise, so it’s unlikely that he’ll board Man Of Steel 2. Although, without a release date in mind, maybe he’ll free up by then.

Henry Cavill’s Superman was denied his own direct sequel when it became Batman V. Superman. The movie saw Cavill’s Superman get sidelined for the shoe-horned introduction of a new Batman, played by the much established and veteran star, Ben Affleck. The movie also juggled the setting up of a Justice League movie, by introducing multiple other characters. Since then, Cavill’s Superman never got his due and was always done dirty by WB.

The Justice League story saw his character missing for the first half of the film. And the headless version of the character also appeared in the Shazam! end credits scene, but without Henry Cavill playing him. So it’s about time that the character who launched the DCEU finally get his own sequel.

Man Of Steel sequel poster.

Image via Warner Bros.

Recently, Superman is back in the limelight, with the upcoming Black Adam release, and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson heavily pushing for Cavill’s return as Superman. Not to mention his involvement in the Black Adam movie as well. While it’s a given that Cavill will return for the Man Of Steel sequel, the other cast members from the original movie are still uncertain. There’s also the big elephant in the room, about whether Zack Snyder, the original director and progenitor of the DCEU, will have any involvement in a Man Of Steel sequel.

Are you excited for a Man Of Steel 2? Share your excitement in the comments below.

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