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The Conjuring

The Conjuring Finale: A Spooky Farewell to a Legendary Franchise

Hold on to your crucifixes and holy water, folks, because the spine-chilling saga of “The Conjuring” is about to reach its grand finale! Warner Bros. has announced that the final installment of this beloved supernatural horror franchise will hit theaters ...
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Superman Set Photo Cleveland The Movie Blog

New Superman Set Photos Drop

Get ready Superman fans! It’s time to suit up and fly over some juicy new set photos that just hit the internet. snagged some hot pics (and even a video!) of the upcoming Superman movie filming in Cleveland. The ...
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Zack Snyder 300 Gerard Butler

300: From Epic Film to Epic TV Series?

Remember “300“? That super ripped, slow-mo Spartan battle extravaganza directed by Zack Snyder? Well, IGN is buzzing with rumors that a “300” TV series is in the works at Warner Bros. Snyder’s “300” wasn’t exactly your typical history lesson. Based ...