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Ezra Miller Reportedly Did ‘The Flash’ Reshoots In Between Arrests


Ezra Miller supposedly attended reshoots for The Flash this summer in between their arrests. The Flash is set to be released on June 23, 2023, and will be directed by . The star of the film, Ezra Miller, has made headlines recently for their very public arrests. They are currently awaiting trial for a burglary charge in Vermont, but allegations of child endangerment, grooming, and running a cult have all put the actor in hot water.

Despite Ezra Miller’s legal trouble, The Flash will still release in theaters in 2023. The film was originally set for a  March 23, 2018 release date, but rewrites and production issues caused The Flash to be delayed. With the recent news of Miller’s legal trouble and DC’s planned reset, many are surprised that The Flash is moving forward at all. With the cancellation of Batgirl, many thought that The Flash could be next on the chopping block, but Warner Bros. appears to be going forward with the film. The future of DC Films is up in the air at this point but it appears The Flash will be released as scheduled.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ezra Miller attended reshoots for The Flash this summer. The reshoots fall in between Miller’s arrests, which he apparently did without incident. Warner Bros. has also made no indication that The Flash would move from its June 23, 2023 release date. No other details about the future of the film have surfaced, but Warner Bros. seems happy with the film so far. You can see the full excerpt from The Hollywood Reporter below:

“Work has kept up on The Flash, which has been testing well. Miller participated in regularly scheduled additional photography over the summer, apparently without incident, before being charged with burglary — their third arrest this year — on Aug. 7 in Vermont. Still, neither DC nor [Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David] Zaslav has indicated the film will move from its June 2023 release date, though insiders say the studio is evaluating all options.”

I’m of two minds about this news. My first thought comes as a huge fan of The Flash. I’ve loved the hero since I was a kid and would love to see the character on the big screen. My immediate thought after that is that Ezra Miller is a PR nightmare right now and the movie will suffer for it. Warner Bros. is apparently very happy with the film which gives me some hope, but the thing has been in production for years and we’ve barely seen anything from it. The whole idea of bringing Michael Keaton back is exciting, but we hardly know anything else about the plot. It’s apparently a take on Flashpoint from the comics, which is a really good storyline. But who knows if it will translate well onto film. The Flash TV show had a whole season dedicated to the story and it was still a bit of a mess. It’s convoluted and based on time travel shenanigans, which is very hard to pull off. Maybe The Flash will be great, but for right now, it’s hard to get excited given all the trouble surrounding the film. The Flash is set to be released on June 23, 2023.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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