Starz Will Rebrand As Lionsgate+ Outside Of North America

Starz Lionsgate Plus

Starz is going to rebrand as Lionsgate+ in 35 countries, not including Canada and the United States. Starz has been a premium cable channel since it was launched in 1994 under the name Encore. Programming on Starz consists of theatrically released motion pictures and first-run original television series. Starz has grown over the years and now exists as both premium cable channels and a streaming platform providing 24 hours a day VOD content. The company is owned by Lionsgate Entertainment and this new rebranding looks to further showcase that relationship.

Starz will officially be known as Lionsgate+ outside of the U.S. and Canada. In a statement recently released, Starz CEO Jeffrey Hirsch says the rebranding will bring a “distinct and differentiated identity in an increasingly crowded international marketplace.” He also states that the Lionsgate name is more well known around the world and will allow people to readily identify the streaming platform. It seems like a smart move for the company and if their research is correct, it will lead to more success in the international marketplace. You can see the full quote from Starz CEO Jeffrey Hirsch below:

“Operating under Lionsgate+ internationally brings a distinct and differentiated identity in an increasingly crowded international marketplace and builds on the brand equity in the Lionsgate name that our extensive research has proven is strong around the world. Even with the separation of STARZ and the Lionsgate studio business, the Lionsgate brand will continue to be valuable to the ongoing success of our international platform.”

It seems like all streaming platforms these days are streamlining their content and their names. Adding the “plus” sign to a brand seems like a very modern thing to do as well. We’ve got Paramount+, Disney+, and now Lionsgate+. While the change won’t affect North America, Starz CEO Jeffrey Hirsch seems to think this is a good move for their international markets. This rebranding will likely have the desired effect on the company. I don’t know enough about the international streaming market to have an opinion one way or the other, but I believe they are doing what they think is right.

Source: Deadline

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