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Bill Murray Being Mortal

New Details About Bill Murray Misconduct in Being Mortal Production

New details have emerged surrounding Bill Murray’s alleged misconduct. Bill Murray is facing several accusations of misconduct on the set of the upcoming film, Being Mortal. This wasn’t the only case of Murray’s misconduct on set though. In Geena Davis’s memoir, she revealed that Murray berated her on the set of the movie Quick Change. Lucy Liu has also come forward and said that Murray displayed “inexcusable” behavior on the set of Charlie Angels. Murray has a string of alleged misconduct on sets of movies and it seems like more people are coming forward every day.

According to Puck (via The Daily Beast), new details have emerged about Bill Murray’s misconduct on the set of Being Mortal.  Allegedly, Murray straddled and kissed a younger woman while wearing a mask. The young woman was described as being “horrified” and supposedly the case was settled for $100,000. Bill Murray made a statement regarding the incident and said: “I did something I thought was funny and it wasn’t taken that way.”

These stories about Bill Murray are disturbing and they all seem to follow the same beats. He tends to take things too far and often crosses the line in a major way. It would be one thing if it was only one or two incidents. However, with Murray, there is a pattern of misconduct that must be taken seriously. I’m a firm believer in the idea that there are two sides to every story, but that only goes so far.

When several people are saying the same thing repeatedly a pattern emerges that cannot be ignored. As far as Murray’s statement goes, it lacks compassion and remorse. He used the old “it was a joke” excuse but everyone on set seems to think his motivation was purely sexual. The future of Murray’s career could be called into question as well as his legacy. He was a beloved comedian but all that could go away real quick as more women come forward.

Source: Puck (via The Daily Beast)



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