The Movie Blog UnCut Podcast June 24th 2010

We are returning to a more regular schedule for the UnCut Video and Audio podcasts in a more frequent and somewhat shorter format .

Today we are going to address our review process and the ever popular topic of Opinions!!

In the video I discuss the following aspects of Opinions:

= Anticipation and judging a movie before you see it

= Walking out on movies

= Our rating system

= Comparing a movie to another movie

= Does Boxoffice results mean a Better Movie

And if you are more interested in the Audio Edition, you can download that by Clicking here or save it by right clicking the link and selecting “Save target as…”

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2 thoughts on “The Movie Blog UnCut Podcast June 24th 2010

  1. Nice podcast Rodney.

    On your next podcast could you talk about the upcoming Akira movie. It’s a hot topic on the site. Everyone has an opinion about the movie especially what kind of movie it should be. Two groups forming, one support the pg-13 and the other support a R-rating movie. The Akira manga are very violence and graphic, there’s no arguing about it.

    My question is this, should the movie be true to the manga or should it be tone down a little. A pg-13 movie could be very violence but not very graphic and it could easily deal with subject like ‘rape’. A R-rating movie will be more true to the manga.

    What do you think about the upcoming Akira movie?

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