Battleship Trailer Online

The trailer for the board game to big screen adaptation of Battleship is online. Check it out:

The love story has a bit of an Armageddon feel to it – Forbidden love, but father and screwup boyfriend end up having to work in a crisis together. And I suspect it will have a simiar outcome in the movie. Not that a movie about a naval fleet trading shots with an Alien spaceship needs a love interest.

And before anyone tries with the “no new ideas left in Hollywood” consider that aside from marketing, this has NOTHING to do with the board game. Sure they have made the effort to plot it so they are on a limited space of sea, and they take turns trading shots firing blindly (without radar etc) to attack their opposition. And you just KNOW at some point someone will say “You sunk my Battleship” but that’s where it ends. There is nothing BUT creativity to make a board game with no plot have one. And yes, there are Stretch Armstrong and Viewmaster films in the works too…

Still, its not impressing me.

And why do all alien spacecraft have to have the same whiny engines and design team as The Transformers?

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11 thoughts on “Battleship Trailer Online

  1. As someone who played the original game, I didn’t call you playing as Aliens, But anyways, This could turn out to be a fun big budget popcorn movie, So I’m will be looking forward to this one. And I love alien invasion movies.

  2. I agree, Rodney. It doesn’t look like anything that special. The trailer also does a big disservice in giving us this point: a Navy “prodigy” who is also a “slacker/rebel” is dating his “hot” CO’s daughter. It’s one thing not to take a film seriously- it’s another to come right out and say “Hey, we’re stupid and we know it”

    The aliens look like Battle LA/Skyline leftovers and kinda sound Transformer-ish.

    And this is directed by Peter Berg – who made The Rundown fun, Kingdom engaging and the film Friday Night Nights? There probably is something worthwhile in this new film. Whatever it is, it isn’t shown here.

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