Ketchup Entertainment acquires Hellboy: The Crooked Man

recently concluded filming for ‘Hellboy: The Crooked Man’. It’s been four months since production has wrapped on the movie. It also reported that Ketchup Entertainment has now secured the global distribution rights.  As of now the release date for ‘Hellboy: The Crooked Man’ remains uncertain due to outside factors

Gareth West, the president of Ketchup Entertainment, mentioned in a statement that “We are very excited by this latest acquisition. This film holds a special place in the hearts of fans worldwide and we are committed to preserving and building its legacy as we bring the film to fans and new audiences. We are confident that our collaboration with Jeffrey Greenstein and the exceptional team at Millennium Media will enable us to achieve just that.

The Stellar Cast of ‘Hellboy: The Crooked Man’

‘Hellboy: The Crooked Man’ is helmed by the accomplished director Brian Taylor, renowned for his work on Crank. This new film boasts a screenplay penned by co-creator of the Hellboy comic book series, Mike Mignola. But that’s not all as Mignola is working in collaboration with writer Chris Golden. The film features talented actors Jack Kesy, Jefferson White, Adeline Rudolph, Joseph Marcell, Leah McNamara, Hannah Margetson, and Martin Bassindale. Each of these amazing talents brings their own unique flair to the project. Jack Kesy takes on the challenging role of Hellboy.  This character was previously portrayed by Ron Perlman and most recently by David Harbour. The 2019 entry was a reboot featuring Harbour adding a fresh perspective to this beloved character’s legacy.

Collaborative Forces Behind ‘Hellboy: The Crooked Man’

The film in question, “Hellboy: The Crooked Man,” is a significant example of entertainment industry collaboration. It is notable for being the first project from Millennium Media’s development portfolio in collaboration with the renowned German film and TV distributor, Telepool, which is owned by the renowned couple, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. It is proudly brought to life through a partnership between Millennium Media, Dark Horse Entertainment, and Campbell Grobman Film. Producers Jeffrey Greenstein, Jonathan Yunger, Les Weldon, Rob Van Norden, and Yariv Lerner from Millennium Media, as well as Mike Richardson from Dark Horse Entertainment, are leading this exciting project. They have all put in a lot of effort to make this dark fantasy movie a reality. 


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