The Change-Up Trailer Online

Ryan Reynolds coudln’t fully park the snark for Green Lantern, so he is bouncing back to his sarcastic screen presence that everyone prefers in The Change-Up.

Surprisingly not a film about a Baseball Pitcher, but rather two brothers with entirely different personalities, lives and viewpoints find themselves magically transported into each other’s bodies.

I really dig Leslie Mann, Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman. How can this be bad?

I know its been a rehashed “body switch” film and they all pretty much end the same – some moral lesson about learning that your way of life is not the only way and they appreciate each other’s situations more.

But I am a sucker for body switching. Freaky Friday this stuff til the cows come home and I will keep watching it.

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One thought on “The Change-Up Trailer Online

  1. Reboot the Green Lantern with a new Hal Jordan. After grossing only less than 150 million worldwide, WB ought to realize that Ryan Reynolds isn’t the type of guy to carry a DC Comics movie franchise

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