Redband Drive Trailer Online

The Redband trailer for Drive has been released and it looks a lot better than I thought it would.

I like that it has some pretty impressive car stunts but nothing so over the top that it makes the movie popcorn. This looks like some serious dark stuff with some great action and a pretty cool cast.

I never really had Ryan Gosling pegged as an action guy, but I am just digging this.

And Carey Mulligan doesn’t hurt. But Christina Hendricks? I am in.

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6 thoughts on “Redband Drive Trailer Online

  1. It’s swept the past few festivals it’s played at, including Cannes. You guys aren’t familiar with Nicolas Winding Refn are you? Aside from Fear X…this is basically his america debut. He’s been on my radar since 2002 when I discovered the Pusher trilogy, a series of crime/drug films he did in Denmark. Then with Bronson and Valhalla Rising, he solidified himself to me as a great director with a great balance of action and arthouse. This could’ve gone the blockbuster route but Refn’s excellent timing made this something more special. It’s been my most anticipated film besides A Dangerous Method. You guys should check out his early work. Really impressive. He’s my favorite current director right now.

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