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What If… We Said Goodbye after What If Season 3?

Buckle up, True Believers! Remember that wacky animated show where we saw Peggy Carter punch Nazis with a shield and T’Challa became a space pirate? Well, get ready to say “What If…?” to What If Season 3 itself. That’s right, according to the folks at Entertainment Weekly, Marvel’s mind-bending series exploring alternate realities is wrapping up after its upcoming third season. Executive producer Brad Winderbaum calls it a “trilogy completion” and hints that season three will blow the doors off the multiverse even wider than the first two.

The Watcher’s Evolving Role in What If Season 3

One of the most compelling aspects of What If…? is Jeffrey Wright’s portrayal of Uatu the Watcher. Initially, the Watcher adhered strictly to his vow of non-interference. However, by the end of Season 1, he broke his silence to save the multiverse. Wright notes, “He’s not the Watcher that he was at the beginning. He’s a different Watcher now.” This evolution adds layers to the character, making him an active participant rather than a passive observer.

Winderbaum’s vision has always been to push the envelope and explore the untapped potential of the Marvel universe. This news might leave some scratching their heads. After all, with new Marvel movies and shows popping up all the time, there seemed to be endless “What If…?” scenarios to explore. But the animated series wasn’t always a sure thing. Creator A.C. Bradley pitched the show way back in 2018, hoping to bring the fan-favorite comic stories to life. Luckily, Marvel Studios saw the potential and greenlit the series, giving us Jeffrey Wright’s all-seeing Watcher and a whole new way to experience the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Significance of the Series’ End

Marvel’s decision to end What If…? with Season 3 comes at a pivotal time. With ongoing delays in other MCU projects like Blade, and the ever-expanding multiverse narrative, the conclusion of What If…? could signal a shift in Marvel’s storytelling approach. Kevin Feige’s recent hints about introducing new alternate universes suggest that the multiverse saga is far from over. However, ending What If…? might be Marvel’s way of refining their focus on the most impactful stories.

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)

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