The Change-Up Trailer Online

Ryan Reynolds coudln’t fully park the snark for Green Lantern, so he is bouncing back to his sarcastic screen presence that everyone prefers in The Change-Up. Surprisingly not a film about a Baseball Pitcher, but rather two brothers with entirely different personalities, lives and viewpoints find themselves magically transported into … [Read More]

Battleship Trailer Online

The trailer for the board game to big screen adaptation of Battleship is online. Check it out: The love story has a bit of an Armageddon feel to it – Forbidden love, but father and screwup boyfriend end up having to work in a crisis together. And I suspect it … [Read More]

Redband Drive Trailer Online

The Redband trailer for Drive has been released and it looks a lot better than I thought it would. I like that it has some pretty impressive car stunts but nothing so over the top that it makes the movie popcorn. This looks like some serious dark stuff with some … [Read More]