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Matt Reeves Signs Multi-Year First Look Deal With Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has officially signed a multi-year first-look deal with The Batman director Matt Reeves. Warner Bros. has made some controversial moves in the last few weeks, especially with the cancellation of Batgirl. They have called for a “reset” of the DCEU and are looking to create quality films over quantity. We don’t know the exact direction Warner Bros. and DC Films are headed, but with the success of The Batman, the company seems to be looking at Matt Reeves as the future of their film division.

Matt Reeves began his career directing TV shows and directed several episodes of the hit drama Felicity. After that, he made his theatrical debut with Cloverfield, which was quite successful. His career took off when he took over the Planet of the Apes film series, directing both Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and War for The Planet of the Apes. From there he went on to direct The Batman, which was a huge success for Warner Bros. Matt Reeves is also a notable producer with several TV shows and Films under his belt.

According to a report from Deadline, Matt Reeves has signed a multi-year first-look deal with Warner Bros. The agreement gives the director first look privileges over the entire Warner Bros. Pictures Group’s production divisions, which includes Warner Bros. Pictures, New Line Cinema, Warner Animation Group, and DC Films. Reeves also re-upped his contract with Warner Bros. Television and is currently working on The Batman spinoff starring Colin Farrell’s The Penguin. Matt Reeves released an official statement regarding the deal, which you can see below.

“Making this legendary studio my home is a dream. I am so excited to be working with Mike, Pam, and Channing and our teams to bring captivating stories I am truly passionate about to the big and small screen.”

This is a huge win for Warner Bros. and specifically for the future of DC Films. Matt Reeves is a hell of a director and his style lends itself to sci-fi and dark dramas. This made him perfect for The Batman. Although the deal is great, Matt Reeves himself isn’t above some controversy. Recently, DC Comics penciler Chris Wozniak showed new evidence to back up his claims that Matt Reeves stole his ideas for The Batman. Warner Bros. nor Reeves has made a statement regarding these allegations but the evidence is quite convincing. This deal shows that Warner Bros. believes in Reeves and it seems like they aren’t concerned with Wozniak’s claims. Whatever the case, this is a good move for Warner Bros. despite the claims, and for the first time in weeks, Warner Bros. seems to be headed in the right direction.

Source: Deadline

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