Contest: 5-Disc 2-Movie Combo TRON: Legacy & TRON: The Original Classic Giveaway!

We really do love our International Friends here at TMB, and we look for every opportunity to give back to the loyal readers who come and visit every day.

So for the Tron fans among you we have a contest just for you!

Disney was kind enough to provide us with TWO copies of the 5-Disc 2-Movie Combo Pack for TRON: Legacy & TRON: The Original Classic to give away! The combo pack will be released in stores April 5th!

This is the full collector’s set we talked about and Reviewed here on the site that has both films on DVD and Bluray as well as the 3D copy on Blu and Digital Download Copies. It is the REGION 1 North American Release of the film, and unfortunately will not be available for entrants outside of USA and Canada.

The rules are simple:

Visit The Movie Blog Facebook Page, give us a “like” and then comment about what you like best about The Movie Blog on the Wall and mention that you are entering the contest to win this Tron and Tron Legacy DVD and Bluray Combo Pack (so we know you are entering this contest)

Winners will be chosen at random on April 5th (the release date of the film) so you have to act fast!

Thanks to all of you who make this your first stop for Movie News and Opinions every day!

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5 thoughts on “Contest: 5-Disc 2-Movie Combo TRON: Legacy & TRON: The Original Classic Giveaway!

  1. Yeah it will not let me leave a comment, i liked the page and it still wont give me a comment box, but I go on The Movie Blog every day and I love staying up to date on everything involving film.

  2. Can we enter multiple times, or is it one time enough? If yes, does it have to be the same content we wrote on the first comment or we have to change the sentence?

  3. I won the Universal Soldier give away and that was so epic and supermassive that i cannot enter for this in good consciousness. Besides Rodney you know how much I love this place I give you all free advertising on my facebook page daily as it is (twitter as well).

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