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5 Reasons To Anticipate Marvel’s Madame Web

Dakota Johnson’s superhero movie Madame Web’s trailer has been released and is receiving all kinds of reactions. From perplexing the comic geeks to exciting the MCU fans, this Spider-verse addition looks like the first domino that may lead us to a bigger picture. 

Watch the trailer now.

1. There May Be a Sony and MCU crossover

Although it is based on Marvel comics, Madame Web is not an MCU movie. It belongs to Sony’s very own Spider-Man universe also known as SSU. However, the film reportedly has some MCU references that may give us a crossover. One of these rumored references includes the possibility of Uncle Ben’s character in the movie. Uncle Ben never appeared in the MCU movies with Tom Holland but was recently mentioned in What If…? If that’s true and Uncle Ben is in Madame Web, there’s a whole new dimension of transience that would open and give room to endless experimentation with the concept of multiverse. 

2. A Mysteriously Iconic Villain

Ezekiel Sims Madame Web

Marvel is taking a whole new direction with its new villain. Ezekiel Sims who was an ally to Spider-man in the comics is being portrayed as the newest villain who is mystifying the audience with his red and black suit and appears to have the same qualities as Spiderman. But how? 

According to the comic books, Ezekiel got his supernatural ‘Spidey’ abilities through a ritual he performed in a temple. And that is why he doesn’t have those fancy web shooters like Peter Parker as they were his invention. The two are always there for each other. Ezekiel sacrifices his life to save Peter after mentoring him for years. 

But we see a drastically different picture in Madame Web’s trailer where Cassandra Web is trying to stop him from killing her and the other spider-women. Here, it is important to keep in mind that the timeline of the movie isn’t revealed. Therefore, we may not know if this villain is truly against Spiderman or will become his ally in the future as in the comics.

3. Sony has Altered the Comic Book Events in Madame Web

There are some major nuances prevalent in the trailer that deviate heavily from the books. Apart from being a villain, Ezekiel is older in the books. The descriptions of his gray hair suggest he had seniority over Spiderman, which got him his mentorship. Moreover, the crossover between Cassandra Web and Ezekiel has never been there. The two are facing each other for the first time in an intensified situation where Ezekiel is not only attacking Cassandra but is hunting down all the other spider-women which means he has a greater mission. The trailer also hints at the clairvoyant abilities of Ezekiel, which never happens in the books.

4. Introduction of New Heroes and Villains To Merge 

As I mentioned before, Sony’s Spider-verse is a big deal, and introducing new characters can be a great idea for them all to unite in the later movies to fight a common enemy. In addition to that, there’s always a possibility of a crossover between MCU and Sony which means we may get to see these characters assembling in Spider-Man 4.

5. The Trailer Looks Pretty Good! 

As you can tell already, the trailer looks fine as hell. We see Cassandra Web, a woman who has clairvoyance and sees through the Web of Life and Destiny. We also see a Spiderman-like villain who is chasing her and trying to end her as well as the other Spider-Women. Both Dakota Johnson and Syndey Sweeney are sharing the superhero screen space for the first time. And the Billie Eilish soundtrack just fits like a perfect piece into place.

The film comes out on February 14, 2024. Are you watching it? Let us know in the comments below.

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