Liquona’s AI Advent Calendar Game

AI Advent Calendar Game

Calling all movie buffs and holiday enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for an exciting and immersive experience with Liquona’s latest creation – the ‘Movie Mania’ daily movie quiz. Crafted by the innovative minds at this renowned video production agency, this AI-powered game promises not just a quiz but a daily dose of film-related excitement, reminiscent of the popular Wordle format, set to launch on December 1st promising not just a quiz but a daily adventure into the world of film, akin to the beloved Wordle format.

Christmas Movie Challenge

Prepare yourselves for the ultimate online advent calendar as ‘Movie Mania’ presents the Christmas Movie Challenge. This exciting venture invites participants to showcase their expertise in Christmas movies through a daily AI-powered quiz. Thanks to the genius of the ChatGPT-powered chatbot, players will receive succinct one-word descriptions that encapsulate the essence of various films.

Challenge Dynamics

Get ready to flex your cinematic muscles as the challenge unfolds. Participants must decipher the movie title using as few clues as possible. The quiz starts with a brief single-word hint and progressively intensifies across seven clues, each revealing more about the film’s captivating storyline. But, beware! If you find yourself stumped after the seventh clue, victory goes to the AI.

An Exemplary Journey

Let’s embark on an illustrative journey: decoding the movie ‘Spirited’ through seven successive clues:

  1. Redemption
  2. Temporal redemption
  3. Time altered redemption
  4. Spiritual redemption through time
  5. Ghosts bring redemption, second chances
  6. Unredeemable man helps ghost with past
  7. Temporal redemption alters lives, brings second chances

Engaging Visuals

Adding a personalized touch, ‘Movie Mania’ wraps up each round with unique ‘winner’ or ‘loser’ images, courtesy of the AI image creator, Midjourney. This delightful addition enhances the overall experience, injecting a whimsical aspect regardless of the outcome.

Join the Festive Film Extravaganza

Accessible through the provided link, the ‘Movie Mania’ daily movie quiz invites movie enthusiasts and trivia aficionados to dive into this holiday-themed film challenge. It’s more than just a game; it’s an invitation to celebrate the season through the lens of beloved movies, fostering a communal spirit of fun and knowledge-sharing.


Embrace the holiday fervor and put your film knowledge to the ultimate test! ‘Movie Mania,’ the daily movie quiz, ensures an enchanting journey filled with excitement and delightful moments throughout the holiday season. Don’t miss this opportunity to partake in a festive film extravaganza that celebrates the magic of movies during the most wonderful time of the year! Get ready for a holiday adventure like no other.


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