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Top 3 Madame Web Theories that Connect It To the SpiderVerse

The SpiderVerse web is growing with the addition of Sony’s upcoming Madame Web. It is set to be released on February 14, 2024. As with any Marvel feature, there is a mountain-sized side of theories and Madame Web is no exception. Here are the top 3 theories related to the movie that are getting a ton of attention. 

The Villainous Connection of Ezekiel & Morlun

Ezekiel in "Madame Web"

Ezekiel Sims is the main antagonist of Madame Web (2024). This theory suggests that Ezekiel in the upcoming movie will be worlds apart from Ezekiel in the Marvel comic books. This new villain has a teasing layer of mysterious adversary. In the comics, Ezekiel is shown as an old, calculated mentor of Spiderman, who doesn’t overly exaggerate his evil aura and dons a dark Spiderman-esque suit. However, in the first trailer of Madame Web, Ezekiel Sims, played by Tahar Rahim, is younger, has an opulent and obvious evil appeal, and sports an entirely different costume. In the trailer, he sucks the life out of a character in the movie, through touch. Therefore, Spider-Verse fans were quick to link this power to that of Morlun, the titular nemesis of the Spiderman comic saga, who wants to annihilate the holders of the Spider totems. 

On the other hand, Morlun is a psychic vampire, with long raven hair, who’s just as powerful as Spiderman. His life-draining ability is highlighted plenty in the comics. It seems like Ezekiel will give a unique and unexpected sneak-peak of Morlun’s powers. 

The Birth of Spiderman?

Emma Roberts/Madame Web

The cast of Madame Web, aside from Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney, Celeste O’Connor, Isabela Merced, and Tahar Rahim, also includes Emma Roberts and Adam Scott. The two are rumored to play the roles of young Mary Parker (Peter’s mom) and Uncle Ben, respectively. Emma Roberts’ character has sparked a very interesting theory, ever since her pictures of playing the role of a pregnant woman surfaced. It’s probable that Emma is, indeed, Mary Parker and that she’s pregnant with Peter in Madame Web. 

This theory can be an interesting drive in the Madame Web plot as well as the SpiderVerse. Because if this speculation is true, then Spiderman may make his appearance, down the road, as a full-grown superhero slinging from rooftop to rooftop. Moreover,  it means that the events of Madame Web will take place way before the start of the Spiderman saga since Dakota and Tahar will be playing younger versions of their roles. Interesting, indeed.

Return of the Amazing Spider-Man

This theory sort of ties in with the previous one. Madame Web is speculated to be a prequel to The Amazing Spider-man (2012). Cassandra aka Madame Web was a huge helping hand in Spiderman’s quest to fight evil and it is presumed that Madame Web is going to protect the pregnant Mary Parker. In addition to that, she will be establishing a team that will fight against an undisclosed villain, whose goal is to prevent the birth of Peter Parker and ultimately Spiderman. 

As the saga progresses, it is highly possible, that Andrew Garfield will rejoin the SpiderVerse, as Spiderman. Andrew Garfield has expressed his wish to come back to screens as Spiderman, as his performance was highly praised and loved by fans all over the world. Who knows? Maybe Madame Web might be the very thing to sling Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman back in the bigger picture of the Marvel SpiderVerse. Only time will tell. 

Although Madame Web, is yet to be released, it can’t stop netizens from coming up with crazy and somewhat believable theories about its connection with the SpiderVerse. Let’s just hope it’s a pleasant surprise whatever the filmmakers have in store for us.

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