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Matthew Chauncey X-Men 97

X-Men ’97 Season 3 Gets a New Lead Writer

Got some news about the future of your favorite mutant squad and writer Matthew Chauncey. Disney+‘s “X-Men ’97” reboot of the classic 90s cartoon was a smash hit, leaving fans wanting more mutant mayhem. But with a new writer stepping ...
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Avengers 5 Shawn Levy or The Russo Bros

Who’s Directing Avengers 5?

Remember the Russo brothers, the guys who brought us Thanos’ epic snap and the whole “don’t feel so good” moment? Yeah, well, it looks like they might be sitting out the next Avengers party. That’s right. According to the rumor ...
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X-Men 97 Marvel Studios Live Action X-Men Movie Reboot Kevin Feige Hugh Jackman Deadpool and Wolverine

X-Men ’97 Created A New Challenge For Marvel’s Future

X-Men ’97 has taken the world by storm. The Disney+ revival series has achieved an unprecedented milestone, becoming the highest-rated Marvel Studios project ever. With a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, it has surpassed previous top-rated Marvel works, including Ms. ...