Does James Gunn’s Waller Series Confirm That New DCU Is A Soft Reboot Only?

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The internet broke when DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn announced the new direction for their new DC Universe. While there were a lot of new and exciting projects announced, one, in particular, confuses and raises more questions than answers. Gunn announced the, already previously announced, Waller live-action series. In the announcement, Gunn mentions that Waller will ‘team up’ with ‘team Peacemaker’. Given that Peacemaker was part of the old DC Extended Universe, does this news confirm that the DC Universe soft reboot is happening, instead of what we all expected? Read on to find out just exactly what the Waller series means for this new DCU.

Amanda Waller Before The DC Universe Soft Reboot

DC Universe soft reboot Ayer.
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The insanely talented Viola Davis as Amanda Waller was a huge get for the, then, DC Extended Universe. She first appeared in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad in 2016. The actress plays the DC Comics character who is like a shadier and more duplicitous version of what Agent Coulson became for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When Gunn came on board WB to do his own kind of reboot of Ayer’s movie with The Suicide Squad in 2022, we all wondered which characters and actors would transition over. Davis’ Waller made it.

And later on, Waller was a huge part of the Peacemaker original series by James Gunn, spinning off from The Suicide Squad. Her daughter was even the co-protagonist of the show in many ways. Waller’s last appearance in the old DCEU happened as a post-credit scene of Black Adam, where Henry Cavill’s Superman appeared.  We also now have confirmation that both Cavill’s Superman and The Rock’s Black Adam are no longer being part of the new DCU plans. So— what about this Waller?

Gunn’s Waller TV Series Raises So Many Questions

DC Universe soft reboot Suicide Squad.
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In his announcement video, Gunn confirms that Viola Davis is returning as Amanda Waller. This means that this is same character we’ve seen in the DCEU, most of which is now part of this new DCU. In the same vein, Gunn confirmed that Waller will be teaming up with members of team Peacemaker. A show that we were all wondering if it will be part of the new Universe, given its ties to the old DCEU. Especially that season 1 finale where both Jason Mamoa and Ezra Miller reprised their roles as Aquaman and The Flash, respectively, placing those events and that show squarely in the old universe.

This obviously means that both Waller and the characters from Peacemaker are going to be part of this new DCU. This then seems to imply that this is a DC Universe soft reboot only, and not the expansive hard reboot that many, including myself, have been advocating. And while it’s not at all a bad thing, as I’m very excited for this new slate, but it definitely is confusing.

What Does A DC Universe Soft Reboot Mean?

DC Universe soft reboot Peacemaker.
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Having certain members of the old DCEU remain in this new Universe, is going to raise a lot of questions about what is canon and what isn’t in the DCU. Did the events of both Suicide Squad movies happen? Did Peacemaker? Since we now have official confirmation that season 2 of Peacemaker is on hold, are parts of season 2 being retooled into the Waller series? And given Waller’s involvement with Black Adam, are the events of that movie canon in this new DCU, even though the actor and character aren’t.

A DC Universe soft reboot also lends a lot of credence to theories that other actors from the previous DCEU may return to continue playing the same characters. Such as Jason Mamoa or Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Gunn also, seemingly but not really, mentioned that the Shazam! And Aquaman sequels, along with the Flash movie will also tie into the new DCU. Somehow. Which again, seems to imply that this is a DC Universe soft reboot, more so than anything else.

Now, what is canon and what isn’t; which movies of the old DCEU happened and which didn’t, is something that James Gunn and DC Studios have to clarify beyond a shadow of a doubt. Because as excited as I am for DC to finally have a plan for their cinematic universe, there are still a lot of things that feel murky and confusing.

Stay tuned for more from this new DC Universe as it happens.

What are your thoughts on this soft rebooting of the DCU? Would you have preferred a hard reboot? Let me know in the comments below.

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