My Blue Beetle “Reaction” – DC’s Newest Hero SOARS

Blue Beetle Review Reaction

Alright, let’s talk about my “Blue Beetle Reaction.” Yep, you heard it right! DC’s bringing a fresh face to the big screen with the debut of our newest superhero, Jaime Reyes, aka Blue Beetle. Directed by Ángel Manuel Soto and starring the talented Xolo Maridueña, this flick’s got everything you need: aliens, tech, and, of course, an epic suit of armor. Well, there’s not like any police. Seriously, this movie is making us question why there aren’t any police around when stuff hits the fan.

So, what’s the deal, you ask? Well, recent college grad Jaime Reyes rolls back to his hometown full of dreams, only to find things aren’t quite the same. But fate has other plans when he stumbles upon an ancient alien relic, the Scarab, which decides, “Hey, you’re the chosen one.” Cue the super-suit transformation and bam! We’ve got ourselves a new superhero in town. So, grab your avocado toast, charge up your Air Pods, and let’s break down every pixelated punch of “Blue Beetle.”

The Good

First off, this movie pleasantly surprised me. It’s like when you order a small coffee, and they give you a large by mistake—it’s that good. DC, take notes because “Blue Beetle” is the hero we’ve been waiting for this year. This easily takes the gold for DC Studios releases this year. Seriously, I was not expecting to be this impressed.

The Cast

Xolo as Blue BeetleXolo Maridueña, our new Blue Beetle, is a breath of fresh air and he nails it as Jaime Reyes. He’s like the Tom Holland of the DC universe—totally fine, entertaining, and just a tad bit adorable. Jaime Reyes’ family? Hilarious! Jaime’s quirky family had me in tears. Plus, the superhero bee show? Sign me up! I’d binge-watch that any day. Nana and Uncle Rudy had me laughing out loud for real! Well, most of the time because Uncle Rudy could be quite annoying in large doses. And that story arc with his dad? That storyline hit me right in the feels. Like For real for real. The tear emoji almost made an appearance. I laughed, I cried, and I almost spat out my soda. Trust me; this family’s got some comedy gold. And, oh boy, did it get real when Jaime’s dad passed away and he talked to his dad on the ancestral plane? Yeah, it hit close to home for anyone who’s ever lost someone. Sniff My emotions were all over the place.

The Costume

August Box Office Beetle. Xolo as Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle’s getup was fly, and that transformation scene was low-key giving me “Venom” vibes. Loved it! Tek Kord and Kord Industries: mad props for delving into the deep cuts of Blue Beetle’s legacy. This history lesson was pure gold. The pacing was on point! This movie didn’t leave me checking my phone or yawning like “Shazam 2” The villain wasn’t your average mirror bad guy. His backstory was epic—child soldier turned villain? A nod to OMAC? Yeah, that’s the stuff. Can we talk about the CGI? Seriously, after some recent CGI failures, I’m giving a standing ovation for this solid work. And those video game nods? FF7, you stole the show, but the gamer in me appreciated all the Easter eggs.

The Bad

Xolo as Blue BeetleNow, let’s get into “The Bad.” First up, where are the police? Seriously, in a world with explosions, gunfire, and buildings crumbling, not a single cop in sight. Maybe they’re all on vacation? And Jaime, buddy, why do you have to be so gullible? The bad guys want to hurt you, and you’re out there trying to negotiate like it’s a schoolyard squabble. Jaime’s got the brains but needs some street smarts. Who talks their way out of danger when a villain is on your tail? Seriously, where’s your Spidey sense? Lastly, let’s talk about superhero origin stories. Look, I get it, some people need them but can we switch things up a bit? We’ve seen our fair share, and it’s time for a change.


Why didn’t they promote “Blue Beetle” more? It’s better than a straight-to-HBO Max release, that’s for sure. This movie deserves billboards, TV commercials, and maybe even a blimp with “Watch Blue Beetle” on it. If you’ve endured “The Flash” recently, consider this film your refreshing palate cleanser. It’s like a polished Spider-Man movie but with its unique Latino charm.
So, grab your friends, your sidekicks, or just fly solo, and head to the theater. “Blue Beetle” is the hidden gem you didn’t know you needed. Oh, and if you’ve seen it already, drop your thoughts in the comments. And of course, like, subscribe, and hit that notification bell for more movie magic. Until next time, stay geeky, stay groovy, and stay at the movies! Peace out, heroes!

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My Blue Beetle "Reaction" - DC's Newest Hero SOARS
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