The Authority Co-Creator Bryan Hitch Had No Idea James Gunn Was Adapting His Comic Book

The Authority co-creator Bryan Hitch featured.

James Gunn just announced the first part of the newly created DC Studios lineup of movies and television shows. And for the most part, it’s pretty awesome. Be sure to check out The Movie Blog’s main page for all the announcements. The announcements came with a video with Gunn speaking to audiences about the projects they are putting out. Seeing how Gunn himself is a writer and director, he ended the video with a nice shout-out to the creators of the content he just announced. However, despite this priority, seems like someone forgot to tell The Authority co-creator Bryan Hitch.

James Gunn Announces The Authority Film Adaptation

The Authority co-creator Bryan Hitch comics.
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One of the projects James Gunn announced was the film adaptation of a critically acclaimed comic book series. Created by Warren Ellis and The Authority co-creator Bryan Hitch, the series was a kind of darker look at a superhero team that uses their powers to bend the world to the version of good they strive for. The comic book was co-created by Bryan Hitch and Warren Ellis, although other writers did take over its subsequent issues and volumes.

The Authority Co-Creator Bryan Hitch Tweeted His Reaction

While all of the internet is exploding with all the news of the DC Studios slate of new films, one specific reaction was that of disappointment. The Authority co-creator Bryan Hitch tweeted sarcastically, that he’s “glad someone told me…”

Clearly, Hitch is a little upset at the fact that, as the co-creator of The Authority, he had no idea his work was becoming a new DC Universe movie. Which kind of flies in the face of James Gunn’s proclamation that storytelling and creators are very important to this new DCU. While Hitch is only the co-creator of the comic book the movie is based on, I feel that it still applies. Filmmakers and studios can’t really proclaim their love for comic book characters if they don’t respect the comic book creators whose material they are adapting.

Bryan Hitch Did Temper His Reaction Slightly Later On

However, while it’s easy to take Hitch’s tweet as him being bitter or angry, the truth is far from it. Hitch later tweeted condemning people using his tweet for their own agendas to bash Gunn and the new DC regime. He also clarified how excited he is to have The Authority treated so well by this new studio.

So ultimately, Hitch harbours no hard feelings about the situation. And is moving on excited about the new slate. As should we all.

Stay tuned to The Movie Blog for more on the new DC Universe as we find out.

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