Training Day writer David Ayer to remake The Wild Bunch?

WildBunch.jpgChristian Bale can do little wrong right now, and if he keeps being careful about his choices for scripts he’s shaping up to be a cult god. So I was reading with interest the story from the cool guys at Empire about Bale’s latest film Harsh Times with Director David Ayer.

So the article talks about the dark comedy, siting the perceived darkness to be coming from Bale’s past movie history and Ayer’s writing on Training Day. All very good and an interesting story to tell, however, what got me was the news of what David Ayer is doing next:

Ayer has announced his intention of making a remake of Sam Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch (hardly a rom-com itself), so it’s interesting to see that Harsh Times will be filmed partly in Mexico — could this be a warm-up for his take on the south-of-the-border, blood-drenched classic Western?

A remake of The Wild Bunch? Hardly seems right, I mean I know they are scraping the remakes out of anywhere they can, but this classic from Sam Peckinpah?

Still, it does seem that Ayer wants to do it for his own reasons rather than being drafted in to do a remake on it, so that might signal good news for fans of the original. What do you all think about this, fans of Peckinpah and Wild Bunch speak now.

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2 thoughts on “Training Day writer David Ayer to remake The Wild Bunch?

  1. I can hardly wait for Wild Bunch to come out. David Ayer is the only choice to pen this re-make. Sam Peckinpah’s original story is in good hands. HAVE YOU SEEN “HARSH TIMES”. Oh my god! That movie knocked my socks off in Toronto. I’m still thinking about it. Ayer is a must for directing this mayhem in Mexico. Keep me posted!

  2. I can hardly wait for Harsh Times to come out. Sounds like the anticipated film of the year. I would love to see a re-make of the Wild Bunch. Ayer is the perfect writer for this. Will he direct also? Who will be casted?

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