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Top 10 Most Awaited Horror Movies Of 2024

With a new year comes a new batch of movies of all genres. While there are a lot of new movies coming out this year, it’s the most anticipated 2024 horror movies that we’re going to be looking at today. Sometimes, a good ole scream-worthy horror movie just hits the spot and if you’re on the hunt for some new releases, then these 10 films might just become your new favourites.

1. Imaginary Is One Of The Most Anticipated 2024 Horror Movies


Imaginary friends aren’t real. Well, this movie begs to differ. Imaginary, coming March 8th, is about a very real spirit that can turn deadly if you ignore it for too long. Join them as your darkest imagination turns sinister.

2. Lisa Frankenstein Subverts The Common Horror Trope

Lisa Frankenstein

Lisa Frankenstein, coming to screens on February 9th is a gothic comedy film, with a spatter of horror.  It is the story of Lisa, a hopeless romantic, who embarks on a journey of love, joy, and gore, with a resuscitated corpse. It sounds like a lovely couple dynamic!

3. Return to Silent Hill Takes Audiences Back 

Return to Silent Hill

The third installment in the Silent Hill series is still waiting for a release date, but it’s confirmed to grace the screens sometime in 2024 and it is one of the most anticipated horror movies of the year. It follows the story of James, as a mysterious letter leads him to the spooky town, of Silent Hill, but there’s more to this town than meets the eye and soon, he discovers terrifying things.

4. Terrifier 3 Looks Terrifying

Terrifier 3

Christmas is about to turn bloody on October 25th, as Art the Clown comes back to terrify the residents of Miles County. The story will continue from where the second film was left off, and Victoria Heyes is expected to play a prominent role in Terrifier.

5. The Strangers Trilogy (1st Installment)

The Strangers Trilogy (Chapter 1)

The Strangers Trilogy: Chapter 1 is the ultimate sign to never stop at night at a creepy-looking and secluded Airbnb. A young couple’s futures are at stake when they make the same mistake and a trio of masked murderers hunt them down. 

6. Beetlejuice 2 Is Maybe One Of The Most Anticipated 2024 Horror Movies

Beetlejuice 2

Ghosts for Hire, anyone? Beetlejuice 2 is the long-awaited sequel of the 1988 Tim Burton fantasy horror film. It follows the story of Betelgeuse (aka Beetlejuice) after the first film, and it’s safe to say that it will be hilariously entertaining.

7. Nosferatu Remakes A Classic


Pump up the 2024 holidays with the glow-up of the Hollywood horror classic hit, Nosferatu. Based on Bram Stoker’s infamous novel, Dracula, and filled to the brim with goth and obsession, Nosferatu will star Lily-Rose Depp and Bill Skarsgård.

8. The First Omen

The First Omen

The First Omen is released on April 5th. The tale uncovers hidden dark truths about the birth of evil as a woman comes across a church to devote her life to service. Witness the birth of evil in this thrilling prequel.

9. The Watchers

The Watchers

Being trapped in a larger-than-life forest with strangers and having a mysterious creature stalking you doesn’t sound like a creative getaway. But The Watchers will make you look over your shoulder every time. Watch out on June 7th, 2024.

10. Smile 2 Ends Our Most Anticipated 2024 Horror Movies

Smile 2

The eerie smiling curse will continue to plague your dreams in the upcoming sequel of Smile. Beware of smiling faces, because things might get deadly. 

Although these films are still unreleased, they are just what you need when you’re in a creepy mood and need to sate your inner horror junkie. Let us know which one are you looking forward to the most. 

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