Is it Real or All in Her Head? “CUCKOO” is the Neon Horror You Need

Cuckoo Movie

Horror fans, get ready to mess with your mind! NEON, the studio that brought you mind-benders like “Parasite” and “Titane,” is dropping a new flick called “CUCKOO” that’ll have you questioning everything. The story follows Gretchen, a teenager forced to move to a fancy German Alps resort with her dad and his new fam. Sounds like a chill vacation, right? Wrong. From the jump, weird stuff starts happening. Strange noises in the night, bloody visions – Gretchen feels like she’s losing it. But is it just her imagination messing with her, or is something truly horrifying lurking in this seemingly peaceful paradise?

Monsters, Mental Health, or Both?

The trailer for “CUCKOO” is a little dodgy about the exact threat, but it hints at a creepy creature or maybe even a murderous monster. But here’s the twist: this movie could also be a deep dive into mental health. Is Gretchen dealing with a real supernatural threat, or is it a manifestation of something darker happening inside her head?

NEON knows how to cast a killer flick, and “CUCKOO” is no different. Hunter Schafer from “Euphoria” takes the lead as Gretchen, and trust me, she brings the scared-but-determined teen vibes perfectly. Plus, Dan Stevens (remember him as the creepy dude from “Beauty and the Beast”? Yeah, that guy) joins the cast, and his character seems super sketchy. Is he a good guy, a bad guy, or something else entirely?

A Feast for the Eyes (and Maybe Nightmares)

Director Tilman Singer is known for creating chilling atmospheres, and “CUCKOO” looks no different. Shot on 35mm film, the movie promises stunning visuals that’ll draw you in before freaking you out.

If you’re looking for a horror movie that’ll mess with your head and leave you questioning reality, “CUCKOO” is the one. With its blend of mystery, horror, and a touch of psychological thriller, this NEON flick is guaranteed to be a wild ride. So, grab your popcorn (or maybe a stress ball), and get ready to be creeped out!

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