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Netflix Daredevil is NOW MCU Canon

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Daredevil alum Vincent D’Onofrio, who portrayed Wilson Fisk/Kingpin in Netflix’s Daredevil, confirmed that the new Disney Plus series, Daredevil: Born Again, will be “directly connected to the original Daredevil.”


The Echo Update

Fans rejoiced as Marvel’s newest live-action series, Echo, reintroduced characters from Netflix’s Marvel era. Their return gives hope to Marvel solidifying the interconnected stories. The Netflix shows D’Onofrio emphasized the importance of staying true to the established canon of Daredevil and Kingpin, highlighting their character-driven, non-superpowered essence. Despite the fan support, this news wasn’t shocking; attentive viewers and Kevin Feige’s statements had already hinted at this connection.

Echo’s premiere episode featuring Kingpin and Daredevil reinforced Marvel’s integration of Netflix’s beloved Marvel characters into the MCU. The debate over Netflix’s shows’ canonicity with the MCU gained traction around 2019, fueled by uncertainties as the collaboration between Marvel and Netflix ended. Netflix’s heroes subtly referenced major MCU events, dispelling the notion of their isolation. The Chitauri invasion was notably acknowledged as “the Incident” in Daredevil.

The Defenders New Home

The Defenders’ absence from the MCU events before now stemmed from various factors. One major issue was Disney’s plan to directly compete with Netflix with the introduction of Disney Plus. Now that Disney Plus is the official home of (almost) all Marvel content, Daredevil and Kingpin’s return marks a new era for the MCU. Fans, relax… it’s canon! Marvel can strategically plan Daredevil and Kingpin’s futures as Disney Plus evolves. This is a good thing as Marvel can take their time to re-introduce these new characters in the MCU.

Fans should be excited about the news. This is a rare direct confirmation being provided directly by Marvel Studios.  This helps clear up confusion and helps us dive into the interconnectivity of the stories. With Marvel’s commitment to integrating these characters, things are looking bright for Marvel’s future. The more they add in these great characters the better.

The Former Netflix Deal

The history of Netflix’s Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) shows began in 2013 when Marvel Television and Netflix announced a groundbreaking collaboration to bring street-level superheroes to the small screen. The deal resulted in interconnected shows featuring characters like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Punisher. Starting with “Daredevil” in 2015, the Netflix MCU shows offered a grittier and more mature take on Marvel superheroes, exploring complex themes and darker storylines. Despite their initial success and critical acclaim, the collaboration faced challenges, and by 2019, the partnership concluded, leaving some storylines unresolved. Notably, characters from these shows, such as Daredevil and Kingpin, have recently resurfaced in new MCU projects, confirming their canonical connection and adding a new chapter to the evolving narrative of Marvel’s television ventures.

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