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Booster Gold HBO Max

Kumail Nanjiani Rumored to Be Booster Gold!

Remember that announcement video from DC Studios way back in January 2023? The one where James Gunn himself teased a show about a “loser from the future” superhero? Well, buckle up, because rumors are swirling that we might be in ...
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Emilia Clarke Criminal

Criminal: Emilia Clarke Joins Amazon’s Series Adaptation

Get ready, crime drama fans! Emilia Clarke is set to take on a thrilling new challenge. Clarke will star in the upcoming Prime Video series adaptation of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips‘s graphic novel series Criminal. This new venture is shaping ...
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Nicolas Cage Spider-Man Noir

We Finally have some Spider-Man Noir Updates!

Spider-Man Noir fans, stand up! The beloved character from the Spider-Verse is swinging back into action with a new live-action TV series. Amazon and MGM+ have teamed up to bring this dark and gritty version of Spider-Man to the small ...
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The Conjuring

The Conjuring Finale: A Spooky Farewell to a Legendary Franchise

Hold on to your crucifixes and holy water, folks, because the spine-chilling saga of “The Conjuring” is about to reach its grand finale! Warner Bros. has announced that the final installment of this beloved supernatural horror franchise will hit theaters ...
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Matthew Chauncey X-Men 97

X-Men ’97 Season 3 Gets a New Lead Writer

Got some news about the future of your favorite mutant squad and writer Matthew Chauncey. Disney+‘s “X-Men ’97” reboot of the classic 90s cartoon was a smash hit, leaving fans wanting more mutant mayhem. But with a new writer stepping ...
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Devil Wears Prada 2

The Devil Wears Prada Again: Streep and Blunt Back for Sequel!

Get ready for a blast from the past, fashion fans! A sequel to the iconic “Devil Wears Prada” is officially in the works, reuniting the formidable Meryl Streep and scene-stealing Emily Blunt. That’s right, Miranda Priestly is coming back, and ...