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Fresh is Sebastian Stan at his Hungriest

FRESH follows Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones), who meets the alluring Steve (Sebastian Stan) at a grocery store and – given her frustration with dating apps – takes a chance and gives him her number. After their first date, Noa is smitten and accepts Steve’s invitation to a romantic weekend getaway. Only to find that her new paramour has been hiding some unusual appetites.

The Good

The writing is really creative and brutal. I am very surprised by how unforgiving the movie is because FRESH goes out of its way to gross you out as a viewer. There are moments in the movie dedicated to a love of human flesh. FRESH adds a unique concept of including some modern concepts to keep things… FRESH.  You learn that human flesh is packaged and shipped out to his subscribers is disturbing, impressive, and terrifying all at once. we live in a world where everything can be conveniently delivered, why not human meat?


FRESH moves at a very fast pace and wastes little time getting to the central plot. FRESH is  a movie about people who eat people and we get into that pretty quickly. The movie paces itself quickly and wisely taking time to develop Sebastian’s character Steve. Steve has a moment where Noa says ONE THING that displeases him and the consequences are severe. VERY SEVERE. And this is Steve being merciful. Fresh isn’t gory but it is repulsive. There are times when you assume this story will be like other movies involving cannibals and you think you can find some comfort in the predictability. You wont find a safe place to avoid what Fresh has to show you.


The acting is surprisingly good. or maybe I was distracted by the premise? either way the idea of eating people is totally believable here. Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan really give some satisfying performances with Daisy’s Noa evolving throughout the film. Noa’s transformation from a typical single woman looking for love to an outright fighter and survivor is so enjoyable. Sebastian plays Steve and is a monster and yet Steve dances as he cooks. His boyish charm and calm demeanor hide his aggression and overall lack of empathy toward others.  The balance that Sebastian gives is sickeningly satisfying.

The Bad

The cinematography and camera angles are disappointing. Fresh has some very beautiful environments that would lend itself to creativity but Fresh plays it safe. Steve’s house is a beautiful home that has such amazing decoration and lighting that are BEGGING for creativity. The simple camera angles are something that weigh down Fresh from elevating into a better movie.

This is a nitpick but a lot of the supporting cast failed to match the quality of Sebastian and Daisy. A majority of Fresh will have either Daisy or Sebastian on camera but there are moments without them that stand out.


I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of story in Fresh. It is an intimate movie that touches on a few relevant societal topics in creative ways. I really love that Fresh finds a way to give a satisfying ending. There are moments when I think Fresh will be predictable even in the ending but I am happy to be wrong.

  • Acting - 7/10
  • Cinematography/Visual Effects - 6/10
  • Plot/Screenplay - 7/10
  • Setting/Theme - 7/10
  • Watchability - 7/10
  • Rewatchability - 7/10
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