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Dan Trachtenberg to Direct New Standalone ‘Predator’ Movie ‘Badlands’

Dan Trachtenberg’s back in the director’s chair, cooking up some serious action with ‘Badlands‘! This new movie is the next big move in the ‘Predator‘ universe. Fresh off the success of ‘Prey,’ 20th Century is doubling down, and Deadline’s got the scoop that Trachtenberg’s leading the charge once again, penning and directing this standalone epic. Word on the street is, shooting kicks off later this year, and the studio’s pulling out all the stops, eyeing top-tier talent for the lead role. Trachtenberg’s teamed up with Patrick Aison to cook up the script, and let me tell you, it’s got the internet buzzing!

What We Know

Predator Movie Badlands PreyPlot details? Shrouded in mystery, my friend. But you know what’s guaranteed? That extraterrestrial big game hunter we all know and love is making a comeback. Now, about the release plan? Here’s the tea: ‘Prey’ shook up Hulu, smashing streaming records left, right, and center. But with 20th Century’s recent push back into theaters with hits like ‘Boogeyman‘ and the upcoming ‘Alien: Romulus,’ don’t be surprised if ‘Badlands’ hits the big screen too. The theater’s calling, and we’re all ears!

When ‘Prey’ dropped last summer, it didn’t just break records; it rewrote the playbook! The critics were singing its praises, and it even snagged a nod for best movie at the Emmys. Talk about a comeback story! And now, with ‘Badlands’ in the pipeline, 20th Century isn’t just stopping at one flick; they’re expanding the universe!

Rumor has it, ‘Prey 2’ is in the works, possibly bringing back the OG vibes with Amber Midthunder leading the charge. Now, no names are locked in yet, but here’s the kicker: despite seven films in the franchise, we’ve never seen a star return for a sequel. Mind-blowing, right?

Trachtenberg’s got the keys to the kingdom, and we’re all strapped in for the ride!

The Legacy of ‘Predator’

Now, let’s rewind and dive into the history of the ‘Predator’ franchise. It all started back in 1987 when Arnold Schwarzenegger faced off against the iconic Predator in the original film. Since then, the series has spawned sequels, crossovers, and spin-offs, becoming a cultural phenomenon in its own right. With each installment, the Predator universe has expanded, introducing new characters, creatures, and storylines. From the jungle to the urban jungle, and even to outer space, the Predator has remained a formidable force, captivating audiences with its blend of action, suspense, and sci-fi thrills. With ‘Badlands’ on the horizon, the legacy of ‘Predator’ continues to evolve, promising fans more pulse-pounding adventures and epic showdowns in the years to come.

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