Here’s Why These Shows Got Canceled In 2024

Our Flag Means Death

The fate of every television show depends on certain unforeseeable factors that determine whether they’ll be renewed later or left unfinished. Every year brings new surprises and sometimes bad news for the viewers concerning their favorite shows. With that in mind, let’s go through some of the most shocking and obvious show cancellations of 2024. 

American Born Chinese (Disney+)

American Born Chinese

American Born Chinese, a story of a high-school student in literal combat with Chinese Gods has concluded. After a rather successful first season, yet “not enough” for there to be a follow-up, the producers decided to wrap it up altogether. 

Our Flag Means Death (Max)

Our Flag Means Death

The makers of Our Flags Means Death have officially raised their white flags. After streaming 2 seasons on Max, the romantic-comedy series won’t be returning. Although things are still up in the air, the main rift seems to be caused by less viewership, which led to major budget deductions in season 2 production. 

The Flight Attendant (Max)

The Flight Attendant

Comedy-thriller series The Flight Attendant, starring and executively produced by Kaley Cuoco, is not getting its third season. Even though Max officials were enthusiastic, Cuoco stepped down from the role, hence no TFA season 3. The series revolves around a flight attendant who’s set to solve a dangerous murder mystery. 

Obliterated (Netflix)


The drop in views vs. cost trends caused Netflix to halt the comedy-action series Obliterated. Based on fake bombs, real ones that need to be found, and a trippy elite Special Forces team, Obliterated seemed promising, but stats proved otherwise. 

Ratched (Netflix)


After nearly four years after the streaming of Ratched, the lead actress, Sarah Paulson announced that there won’t be another season of the thriller-drama series. Paulson, who plays a jaded nurse with a monstrous personality, recently addressed fans confirming the news. 

Wolf Pack (Paramount)

Wolf Pack

Horror-thriller series Wolf Pack will not be coming back, even though the production team was eager. It turns out that Paramount’s recent layoffs and cost-shaving are what ultimately led to this decision. 

Schmigadoon! (Apple TV+)


Schmigadoon!, an adventure-musical series revolving around a couple’s discovery of a magical town, in hopes of saving their relationship, is officially canceled by Apple. Given that the stats and ratings were promising and the second season was complete, the announcement hit hard. 

This Fool (Hulu)

This Fool
Hulu has reportedly canceled the 2-seasons-long comedy series This Fool, surprisingly with no official statement of the reason. This was devastating news for comedy lovers. 

Julia (Max)


Based on the life of seasoned chef, Julia Child, Julia (2022-2023) was canceled by Max after streaming 2 seasons. It goes to show that good ratings can’t meddle with the business, that’s showbiz. 

Minx (Starz)


Struck with the case of “two is terrible”, Minx has been canceled not once (by Max), but twice (by Starz) in a strategic budget-shaving tactic. This is unfortunate since Minx had a whopping 97% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes

Sadly, these shows won’t be coming back after all, and if you were anticipating their return, then this newsflash is going to be a bitter pill to swallow. 

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