King Kong 360 3D Opens at Universal Studios

After the original King Kong Encounter attraction at Universal Studios was destroyed in a fire in 2008, there has been an absence of King Kong himself at the park until now. Peter Jackson’s 2005 King Kong has been adapted to the biggest 3d Attraction featuring his version of King Kong as an addition to the Backlot Studio tram tour at Universal Studios.

Check out the Celebrity Event of the first run of the feature:

The video they played to introduce the Kong portion of the Tram Tour with Peter Jackson Introducing the Launch:

And the Making of Featurette:

The Backlot Tram Tour has been adjusted many times in its history while new films used the sets for other productions. Like the Back to the Future Courthouse, which is more recently used in the Ghost Whisperer. This latest addition will replace the former King Kong Encounter (1986–2008) portion, and is open to the public today.

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