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Before Midnight and…Beyond? A Fourth Film Possible?

Remember Jesse and Celine, the star-crossed lovers from Richard Linklater‘s unforgettable “Before” trilogy? It’s been over a decade since “Before Midnight” left us wondering about their future, but director Richard Linklater is giving fans a glimmer of hope. Could there be a “Before” sequel on the horizon? In a recent interview with, Linklater addressed the possibility of a fourth film. While there’s nothing set in stone, he didn’t shut down the idea entirely. His message? “Never say never.” Seems like Jesse and Celine’s story might not be over just yet.

The Power of Nine (Except When It’s Not)

The “Before” trilogy is famous for its unique concept. Each film revisits Jesse and Celine nine years after their previous encounter. “Before Sunrise” introduced us to them in 1995, with a chance meeting on a train ride. “Before Sunset” picked up their story in 2004, and “Before Midnight” took us to 2013. But Linklater isn’t afraid to bend the rules a bit. “We did kind of blow past our nine-year whatever thing,” he admits, “but we weren’t too precious about that.”

So, what would it take to get a fourth film going? According to Linklater, the story needs to feel organic. The characters need to have something new and meaningful to share with us. “We’ll do it when it makes sense, when those characters have something to say,” he explains.

Love in the Time of Wrinkles?

The beauty of the “Before” trilogy is that it explores love across different stages of life. From the wide-eyed idealism of young adulthood to the challenges of parenthood in middle age, we see Jesse and Celine evolve alongside the actors who portray them. A fourth film could delve into the complexities of love later in life. Maybe the urgency fades, but the connection remains.

While a fourth film is a possibility, it’s not something that’s actively being planned. For now, the “Before” trilogy stands as a testament to the enduring power of love and connection. But hey, if Jesse and Celine have more stories to tell, we’re all ears (and eyes!).

A Look Back at the Before Trilogy

The “Before” trilogy is a cinematic masterpiece directed by Richard Linklater and starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. The first film, “Before Sunrise” (1995), follows Jesse, an American traveler, and Celine, a French student, as they fall in love during a whirlwind night in Vienna. The sequel, “Before Sunset” (2004), catches up with them nine years later in Paris, where they grapple with missed opportunities and rekindled feelings. The final film, “Before Midnight” (2013), takes us another nine years into the future, where Jesse and Celine, now a couple with children, navigate the challenges of long-term relationships.



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