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Mission: Impossible 8: Delayed, Expensive, But Still Cruise-ing Along

Remember “Mission: Impossible,” that franchise where Tom Cruise defies death by clinging to airplanes and jumping off cliffs? Well, the next installment, “Mission: Impossible 8” (or whatever they’re calling it now), is stuck in a real-life cliffhanger. This movie has been plagued by delays. Filming got put on hold last year, then started back up in March, and now… whoops! Another setback. Apparently, a fancy $25 million submarine malfunctioned. Imagine that! A multi-million dollar underwater machine crapping out. Guess even Ethan Hunt can’t outrun bad luck.

The Price of Action (Literally)

Thanks to this submarine snafu, filming got pushed back again, and the budget is ballooning. We’re talking close to $400 million now! That’s a lot of money to dangle from a plane for a stunt scene. Here’s hoping all this extra dough results in some mind-blowing action sequences.

Remember how they were calling it “Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part II”? Forget that. Paramount scrapped that title, and now it’s just… a mystery. Maybe Ethan Hunt’s on a mission so secret they can’t even reveal the movie title? Intriguing… or maybe they just haven’t figured it out yet.

Tom Cruise: Action Hero or Action Masochist?

Speaking of Ethan Hunt, Tom Cruise is back, along with some familiar faces like Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg. Plus, Hayley Atwell is returning to kick some butt (looking at you, villain with a name we don’t know yet). This might be Cruise’s last hurrah as Ethan Hunt, so let’s hope he goes out with a bang (a safe bang, of course).

Originally supposed to hit theaters in June 2024, “Mission: Impossible 8” has been pushed back to May 23, 2025. Hey, at least it’s not another year delay, right?

A Franchise History

The “Mission: Impossible” franchise started in 1996 and has become synonymous with incredible stunts and Tom Cruise defying gravity. Each film has upped the ante in terms of action, and “Mission: Impossible 8” looks like it’s aiming to blow everything out of the water (pun intended, hopefully without any malfunctioning submarines). Here’s to hoping the wait is worth it and that Tom Cruise emerges from filming in one piece (because let’s be honest, we all know he’s gonna be doing his own stunts).

(Source: Daily Mail)

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