5 Reasons To Watch the Epic Biopic Cabrini

March celebrates women like no other month and what better way to celebrate those amazing women all over the world than with a biopic that screams “empowerment”? Here is why you need to watch the newly released feature, Cabrini

Francesca Cabrini is the 19th Century Feminist

Francesca Xavier Cabrini

Saint Francesca Xavier Cabrini was a woman beyond her time. Belonging to Italy, Francesca Cabrini was the epitome of service, compassion, and life-changing faith in her beliefs. Cabrini was born in a traditional Catholic family and from day one, she knew her purpose in life: To go against all odds and provide Catholic services beyond the borders of Europe. With her prominent work for marginalized groups, specifically Italian immigrants, she became an idol for the weak, sick, and racially misunderstood. 

Walk-through of Cabrini’s Contributions

Cabrini stars Cristiana Dell’Anna as the titular character and even though the movie has been termed as a period-biopic, the director Alejandro Monteverde, describes the film as contemporary, as issues of immigrants, anti-Italianism, and sexism are highlighted prominently. 

In the film, Cabrini (Dell’Anna) doesn’t let her seemingly weak and fragile gender come in the way of her destiny and goals. Although she faces a multitude of challenges, mostly containing heavy undertones of misogyny and her “frowned-upon” Italian descent, that doesn’t dim the passionate fire inside of Cabrini to stand up against egotistical individuals. 

With the help of other sisters and a boosting push by the Pope, Cabrini was able to commence services of health and education for Italian immigrants in New York. By the end of the movie, despite her ailing health, Cabrini was able to establish a hospital as well as earn the canonization as Saint. 

Sets an Empowering Example

Cabrini (2024)

Women empowerment, aligned with religious beliefs, was the ultimate goal of Francesca Cabrini. The movie beautifully and realistically depicts the challenges Francesca faces, all because she is a meek damsel. 

However, Cabrini advocated equality, whether it was gender-based or origin-based and it’s more than noticeable throughout the film. Cristiana Dell’Anna did the role of Francesca justice, embodying courage and compassion in perfect harmony. 

Not to the East, But to the West

From the beginning of the movie, Francesca was adamant about traveling to China to serve people, but the Pope encouraged her to start her revolutionary journey from New York instead. Immigration of Italians was at an all-time high from the 1890s to the 1910s, mainly because of poverty, and Americans were anything but welcoming towards these struggling people. Monteverde made sure to highlight inter-country racism throughout the movie. 

It’s the Month of Women

Cabrini was released on 8th March, making it the perfect date to hit the box office, because the whole movie is centered around the ongoing discrimination and struggles of women who come under the umbrella of marginalized groups. That’s enough reason to compel you to watch this monumental biographical drama. 

After watching Cabrini, people, regardless of their religious customs, can’t deny Francesca Cabrini’s services to womanhood and Catholic practices. So, have you watched it yet? It’s available now at the official site to look for local showtimes in your area, discover livestreams featuring the cast and crew, and even an option to donate tickets to someone who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity see Cabrini in theaters!

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