The Crow Flies Again: New Trailer and Poster for the Dark Reboot

The Crow 2024

Calling all goth glam fans and revenge movie enthusiasts! The iconic comic book character The Crow is spreading its wings and soaring back onto the silver screen. Get ready for a modern reimagining with a dark and gritty new trailer and poster that will leave you wanting more.

The Crow Trailer Shows A New World

This latest installment, directed by Rupert Sanders (Ghost in the Shell) and penned by Zach Baylin and William Schneider. This new movie takes inspiration from James O’Barr’s original graphic novel. The story centers around Eric Draven (played by Bill Skarsgård) and his beloved Shelly Webster (FKA twigs).

Their idyllic world crumbles when a violent attack shatters their happiness, taking Shelly’s life and leaving Eric for dead. But fate has other plans. Offered a chance to return from the clutches of death, Eric makes a pact to become The Crow – a vengeful spirit fueled by love and rage.

The haunting new trailer, soundtracked by FKA twigs’ signature ethereal sounds, offers glimpses of the film’s neo-noir aesthetic. We see Skarsgård embodying the character’s signature pale makeup and dark attire, his eyes glowing with an otherworldly intensity. Action-packed sequences hint at the brutal path The Crow will take to avenge Shelly’s death.

The Crow Releases A Poster

The accompanying poster is equally striking. Skarsgård’s Crow stands defiant against a backdrop of a burning cityscape, wings outstretched and a crow perched ominously on his shoulder. The tagline “Justice Never Dies” promises a relentless pursuit of vengeance and a story that transcends the boundaries of life and death.

The Crow 2024

The Crow franchise has a rich history. O’Barr’s graphic novel, published in 1989, captured the hearts of readers with its raw emotion and gothic visuals. The 1994 film adaptation starring the late Brandon Lee became a cult classic, tragically marred by Lee’s accidental death on set.

This modern reboot promises to pay homage to the original story while offering a fresh perspective for a new generation. With a talented cast and crew on board, The Crow is poised to take flight once more, reminding us that even in the face of unimaginable loss, the thirst for justice can burn eternally.


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