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The Color Purple Review: A Must Watch Cinematic Event

Torn apart from her sister Nettie (Halle Bailey) and her children, Celie (Fantasia Barrino in her major motion picture debut, reprising her 2005 role from Broadway) faces many hardships in her life, including an abusive husband simply called Mister (Colman Domingo). With the support of sultry singer Shug Avery (Taraji P. Henson) and stand-her-ground stepdaughter Sofia (Danielle Brooks, Tony-nominated for the role on Broadway), Celie ultimately finds extraordinary strength in the unbreakable bonds of a new kind of sisterhood.

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The Color Purple showcased a plethora of shining stars who each perform at their best. The cast captivated audiences with its exceptional ensemble cast and musical prowess. This review delves into the outstanding performances, musical highlights, and the seamless transition from Broadway to the big screen, making it one of the standout films of 2023.

Ensemble Excellence: Fantasia’s Unforgettable Performance

The Color Purple 2023

To kick things off, let’s talk about the stellar ensemble cast. Fantasia’s portrayal of Celie was nothing short of extraordinary. Her performance was not just emotional; it was downright gripping. Throughout the film, I found myself oscillating between profound sadness during her low moments and sheer joy during her highs. Even if you’re not typically drawn to musicals, Fantasia’s performance alone makes this one worth watching.

Supporting Cast Brilliance: Danielle Brooks and Colman Domingo Shine

The Color Purple

Transitioning to the supporting cast, Danielle Brooks as Sophia was a true work of art. Her performance evoked a rollercoaster of emotions — laughter, cheers, and yes, a few tears. Colman Domingo, in the role of Mister, showcased his versatility. He managed to be both terrifying in his moments of abuse and remarkably sympathetic, making him a strong contender for a supporting actor accolade. And let’s not forget Taraji P. Henson, whose portrayal of Shug was simply beautiful. Her dual talent in singing and acting added an extra layer of depth to the film.

Musical Brilliance: A Symphony of Singing and Dancing

The Color Purple

Now, let’s shift gears to the musical numbers. Each actor displayed not only great acting chops but also an impressive ability to sing and dance. “Hell No” stands out as a personal favorite, showcasing the cast’s remarkable talent. Credit is due to director Blitz Bazawule for seamlessly adapting the Broadway production for the cinematic screen. The incorporation of fantasy within the plot was not only seamless but perfectly executed, creating an immersive experience.

A Cinematic Event: Beyond Expectations

The Color Purple was not just a great movie, but it was a uniquely amazing cinematic event that must be experienced by others in the audience. As someone who normally does not feel compelled to watch musicals, this movie blew my expectations out of the water. So much so that I ended up watching the movie twice, and I plan on watching it yet again with family and friends. I laughed and shed a few tears and went through a full gamut of emotions throughout the film. From Broadway to the big screen, this adaptation deserves the highest praise, and it is undoubtedly a must-watch. The Color Purple is easily one of the best movies of 2023.

The Color Purple 2023

Director: Blitz Bazawule
Writer(s): Marcus Gardley, Alice Walker, Marsha Norman
Stars: Fantasia Barrino, Taraji P. Henson, Danielle Brooks, Colman Domingo, Corey Hawkins, Phylicia Pearl Mpasi, Halle Bailey, Ciara, H.E.R., David Alan Grier, Deon Cole, Jon Batiste
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The Color Purple Review: A Must Watch Cinematic Event
  • Acting - 10/10
  • Cinematography/Visual Effects - 9/10
  • Plot/Screenplay - 9/10
  • Setting/Theme - 10/10
  • Watchability - 10/10
  • Rewatchability - 9/10
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