‘No One Will Save You’ is a Sci-Fi home invasion movie you didn’t know you needed!

No One Will Save You

No One Will Save You is joining a fun sub-genre of films and is in good company. From Kevin McCallister in Home Alone, John Rambo in Rambo: Last Blood, and even James Bond in Skyfall, over the years we have had our fair share of home invasion movies.

Streaming exclusively on Hulu this September 22nd, the movie will nicely take movie watchers into the Halloween season. Written and directed by Brian Duffield (Underwater/Love & Monsters), it looks like we are in for an action-packed, alien-ass-kicking time. Kaitlyn Dever inhabits the role of Brynn Adams, a character who is clearly detached from her own town and community. One day, she starts to hear strange noises in her house, from creaky floorboards to doors slamming shut. It turns out that an alien is trying to attack her! Just like the characters I mentioned at the start of this feature, she is also someone who doesn’t give up so easily, and when danger starts to go for her at her own house, she decides that enough is enough, and custom-made traps begin to be set.

The trailer promises a fun 90-minute movie outing, with plenty of alien fighting action, and a stack of jump scares! An interesting discovery in the trailer is the notion that when Brynn leaves her home, she discovers that the alien incident isn’t just isolated to her and that the situation is maybe more worldwide than the start of the trailer makes out. The CGI and the movement of the alien that attacks Brynn certainly reminds me of A Quiet Place, and there is nothing wrong with that, because IMO, the more films that feel and come across like that, the better! With the aforementioned Underwater & Love & Monsters already achieved by Brian Duffield, it’s obvious that he can put together a solid Sci-Fi story, so, get ready to be abducted by ‘No One Will Save You’!

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