Halle Berry as Momma in Never Let Go. Photo Credit: Liane Hentscher

Halle Berry Fights for Her Family in New Trailer “Never Let Go”

Get ready for a heart-pounding thrill ride! Lionsgate just released the official trailer for “Never Let Go,” a chilling horror film directed by Alexandre Aja and starring Academy Award winner Halle Berry.

Berry portrays a mother determined to protect her twin sons (played by Anthony B. Jenkins and Percy Daggs IV) from a menacing spirit that has haunted their family for years. Their bond has served as a shield against this evil force, but when one of the twins begins to doubt the threat, the fragile peace shatters.

Never Let Go Trailer:

With their protective bond broken, the family is plunged into a terrifying fight for survival. The trailer masterfully builds suspense, hinting at the unseen entity and the lengths this mother will go to keep her children safe.

A Talented Team Behind the Scenes

The film boasts a team of genre veterans, including director Alexandre Aja, known for his work on horror films like “The Hills Have Eyes” and “Piranha 3D.” The script comes from the minds of Kevin Coughlin and Ryan Grassby. Executive producers include Berry herself, alongside Dan Clarke, Connor DiGregorio, and more.

Berry Embraces the Challenge

Anthony B. Jenkins as Samuel, Halle Berry as Momma and Percy Daggs IV as Nolan in Never Let Go. Photo Credit: Liane Hentscher

Anthony B. Jenkins as Samuel, Halle Berry as Momma and Percy Daggs IV as Nolan in Never Let Go. Photo Credit: Liane Hentscher

Berry is no stranger to the thrills of horror and suspense. Having starred in films like “Gothika” and “The Call,” she brings her experience and undeniable talent to this new role. In an interview at Lionsgate’s CinemaCon panel, Berry shared her excitement about the project, describing herself as a “bona fide adrenaline junkie” and relishing the opportunity to explore a fresh take on the horror genre.

A Powerful Message

Berry highlights the film’s deeper message, stating that “Never Let Go” reminded her of the unwavering love parents have for their children. She asks a thought-provoking question: “We often say, ‘I would take a bullet for my kids.’ Would you take a knife for your kids?” “Never Let Go” premieres in theaters on September 27th.

Director: Alexandre Aja
Writer(s): KC Coughlin & Ryan Grassby
Cast: Halle Berry, Percy Daggs IV, Anthony B. Jenkins
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