Jason Mamoa Might Play Lobo In James Gunn’s New DC Universe

Jason Mamoa as Lobo Comics..

The DC Universe is moving ahead with writer-director James Gunn at its helm, with producer Peter Safran as well. While we’ve gotten no official news about what their first move will be, we have a pretty good theory now. Gunn did confirm that they will not be looking back at re-releasing any of the old DC Extended Universe projects, like David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. But a recent social media post is sparking excitement about a potential new project. Combined with an interview that Jason Mamoa recently also did, it sounds like a pretty good possibility of Jason Mamoa as Lobo in the new DCU.

James Gunns Debuts On Mastodon With Lobo

Jason Mamoa as Lobo Krypton.
Image via SyFy.

Recently, with Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, everyone is looking to jump ship to a more non-toxic social media site. Mastodon is a lot of people’s alternative. James Gunn recently debuted on Mastodon, with an image of the DC Comics anti-hero, Lobo. This is prompting many fans to theorize that this is a tease to what Gunn and Safran’s first DC Studios project will be.

Lobo first appeared in 1983 in DC Comics and was created by Roger Silfer and Keith Giffen. The character is a galaxy-trotting bounty hunter and mercenary. The character started as a villain and is one of the most badass DCU characters ever. He quite literally does whatever he wants, however, he wants it. He’s become one of the most popular DC characters of all time, for that reason. Lobo has only been in live-action on the now cancelled Krypton, played by Emmett J. Scanlan. However, his DCU appearance could feature a more famous actor, already in the DCEU.

Could Jason Mamo’s Dream Project Be Lobo?


Unrelated to Gunn’s post, Jason Mamoa who plays Aquaman in the current DCEU, is now promoting his new movie Slumberland. During these promotions, he spoke to Entertainment Tonight Canada about Gunn’s plans for the DCU. Mamoa didn’t say a lot but did reveal that one of his dream projects is coming true under Gunn and Safran.  Jason Mamoa has long been a fan-cast as the only actor who can bring Lobo to live-action. Mamoa himself has the build and physical look of Lobo, and the internet is full of fan art featuring him in the role. And it looks pretty damn accurate, in my opinion.

Mamoa being Lobo was something even the actor himself thought when he was being cast for the DCEU as Aquaman years ago. So it’s safe to say that even Mamoa has been thinking of Lobo for a while now. Mamoa’s statements about his ‘dream project’, along with Gunn’s Lobo image drop could indicate Jason Mamoa as Lobo in the first DCU project.

Jason Mamoa As Lobo; But What About Aquaman?

Jason Mamoa as Lobo Aquaman.
Image via Warner Bros.

The sequel to Aquaman, The Lost Kingdom releases on December 25, 2023. So at least for the next year, Mamoa is still Aquaman in the DCEU. If this Lobo project is a possibility, what does that mean for the role of Aquaman going forward? Will Mamoa be both Lobo and Aquaman? Or is this the first sign that Gunn and Safran are scrapping the DCEU and recasting those roles? But we also know that Cavill is returning to be Superman. So many questions.

Stay tuned to this space for the answers to this and more as we find out.

How do you feel about Jason Mama as Lobo possibly? Let me know in the comments below. 

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