Laura Linney and Elizabeth Debicki Netflix

Laura Linney and Elizabeth Debicki And A Special Night At Netflix

Laura Linney from Ozark and Elizabeth Debicki from The Crown star in two of the flagship programs for Netflix. Netflix has enjoyed lots of success with both shows receiving praise from critics and viewers alike and continues to draw viewers to the service today. In celebration of these programs, Netflix invited a select few journalists and industry insiders to talk and celebrate each show. I was happy to attend this event and see firsthand what the Netflix offices are like and how they celebrate their success!

Ozark’s Laura Linney was able to join us for a special Q&A for the show. Ozark has recently completed its amazing run for 5 seasons on Netflix and has won multiple awards. Laura Linney was nominated 3 times for the Emmy for Lead Actress In A Drama Series. Laura was in great spirits at the event and talks a lot about her experiences filming and directing episodes of the show.

We were able to ask Laura a couple of questions too:

Q: Have you brought any aspect of Wendy Byrd home with you?

I think that’s a question for my husband (laughter). At one point I did find myself cursing a lot! And I was like “what is happening?” Like “I have a young son! I’ve gotta stop that” That was really it and maybe, fortunately, you know I’ve always been good at that. I’m not one of those people that wears my part at home. But I did notice that one time… I started cursing in my head a little bit. 

Q: Are you hoping for a Season 5? And if so, what avenues would you like the show to tackle?

Our show is done. (laughter and groans from the audience) It’s over. I know. I just got out of my black outfit (laughter from the audience). But it is over and we’re all really really sad about it. But we had a great time and I’m just so glad that it ended..

Q: Well, Netflix? Season 5, please :-)

Elizabeth Debick was also in attendance to represent Netflix’s The Crown. The Crown tells a dramatized history of the royal family in which Elizabeth plays Princess Diana. Elizabeth shares her experiences working on the show and more. We learn that she was given surprising access to information on Princess Diana and her life. She also has a specific coach to help her master Diana’s unique mannerisms and head tilts. You can check out highlights from the Q&A with Elizabeth here:

Ozark and The Crown are available to stream on Netflix.



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