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Netflix’s Wednesday was a huge success. The spin-off introduces a new fantasy series that is equal parts quirky and intriguing. Not only the character of Wednesday and the various supporting characters, but also the larger world and lore that the show creates to tell its story. But despite the well-developed story, there are definitely questions we have about the mythology of this universe. So read on to find out about some Wednesday season 1 questions that the next season needs to answer.

Please note: This article will contain spoilers for Wednesday season 1.

What Are The Rules Of This World Of Wednesday

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One of the biggest challenges of creating a new original story is building a unique world. The world of Wednesday sees a world full of monsters, people with powers and ideas that aren’t exactly, normal. But the rules of this world are a little fuzzy.

The outcasts, as in those with powers or strange quirks, are seemingly co-existing with regular humans in the town of Jericho. But they also seem to be out and about in the rest of the world too. Like when Bianca’s (Joy Sunday) mother shows up from outside of Jericho. And unlike the world of Harry Potter, the existence of outcasts, their powers and everything else don’t seem to be a secret from the human population. So if outcasts are not a secret, or hidden from the world, how are they able to live amongst humans?

The werewolves of Nevermore apparently chain themselves up to avoid hurting people during a full moon. But what about other, adult werewolves out and about in the world? Are they not considered dangerous? Do people who use Morningstar, the self-help app (or cult) that Bianca’s mom is a part of, not realize that Sirens are using their powers of manipulation on them?  Wouldn’t the treatment of outcasts, be a larger issue in the world at large, not just limited to the small town of Jericho? Especially, if there’s discrimination or prejudice against them? Or maybe those aren’t issues that a seemingly young adult show wants to tackle? Hopefully, the next season answers or fleshes out these Wednesday season 1 question even more.

And Speaking Of, What Is An ‘Outcast’?

Wednesday season 1 questions Outcast
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One of the bigger Wednesday season 1 questions I have is what exactly is an outcast. The word is seemingly used to classify anyone in Nevermore academy but is never properly defined. It acts as a contrast to the word ‘normie’, to signify normal people without any powers or weird-nesses of those at Nevermore. But what classifies an ‘outcast’? At first, ‘outcast’ is seemingly used to describe anyone that has powers or is different. Like Werewolves, Sirens, Gorgons and Vampires. But there are many other creatures and people with powers in this world. Like Tyler (Hunter Doohan) and his mom being a Hyde and Eugene (Moosa Mostafa) revealing his bee-controlling powers in the season finale. Principal Weems (Gwendoline Christie) is a shapeshifter, and so on.

But we also learn that Yetis (don’t call them Abominable Snowmen) also existed in this world. And based on the sculpture at the dance, they were almost giant-like creatures. So while Wednesday season 1 and the Nevermore school only show people who present as human but have powers, there’s apparently a lot more to it than that. So how does it all work?

Wednesday Season 1 Question: Where Are All The Vampires?

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Another big Wednesday season 1 question is about the vampires. When Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) first comes to Nevermore, Enid (Emma Myers) takes her on a tour of all the major cliques in the school. She names Vampires, Sirens, Werewolves and Gorgons as the main four. Through season 1, we get to see a bunch of werewolves along with Enid. Bianca and her crew of Sirens present as antagonists for Wednesday in the beginning. And while Ajax (Georgie Farmer) is the only Gorgon we follow this season, there are some extras in the background with their head covered, who are presumably Gorgons as well. But absolutely no Vampires.

Besides the mentions of MC Blood Suckaz (Edward Kennedy) at the dance, no vampires appeared in season 1. I’m not sure if the writers and Tim Burton just didn’t want to deal with the complexities that vampires would bring to season 1. Like, how do they survive? Do they still suck human blood? And so many more Wednesday season 1 questions. But hopefully, it’s something they’ll deal with in season 2.

Enid’s Werewolf Conversion Storyline

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One of the more odd storylines in Wednesday season 1 has to do with Enid. The character becomes Wednesday’s best friend and a werewolf who blooms, late in life. And while that’s an understandable story, some of Enid’s presentation seems contradictory to what a werewolf is.

While Enid doesn’t go full werewolf until later in the season, she is able to extend her fingernails and use them as claws. Retractable claws are usually not a wolf or canine trait, but more something that cats or felines do. And that’s another thing, Enid seemingly has an obsession with cats, despite being a werewolf. During the rowing competition in the Poe Cup, she dresses as a cat, and her team is the Black Cats. Her affinity for cat-like or feline-like qualities seems weird for a werewolf.

Then there’s the conversion therapy. When her parents come to visit, they worry about how she hasn’t yet turned into a werewolf. Her mom offers brochures to werewolf conversation therapy groups. This seems like a commentary on the idea of gay conversion when LGBTQ kids are sent to conversion therapy and basically tortured physically and emotionally in an attempt to make them straight.

This is a weird idea because it’s not like Enid isn’t a werewolf, or was born different than other werewolves. And not even that she doesn’t want to be a werewolf. Her werewolf powers just haven’t manifested yet. She wants to be, and is waiting to become a werewolf. So the parallel between gay conversation therapy and werewolf conversion felt odd and totally out of place. Maybe season 2 will flesh out the idea more, to make it make sense.

Questions About Bianca In Wednesday Season 1

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Another storyline from Wednesday season 1 that seemingly went nowhere, is that of Bianca’s. Midway through the season, we learn that she used her powers of Siren song to get into Nevermore. She did this to escape a life of being used for her powers by others and an apparent troubled family life.

When her manipulative mother returns to enlist her help to continue conning people art part of the Morningstar cult, the truth comes out. Her mother blackmails her with the truth of her Nevermore acceptance in order to get her help. Bianca accepts, with the condition that they have nothing to do with one another after this. Also that she goes with her mother after the school year ends. But then, that’s it. We never see the mom, or what happens with Bianca joining her mother. Instead, she ends up bonding with Lucas (Iman Marson) and potentially starting a relationship with him. But even that doesn’t go anywhere.

Hopefully, season 2 will flesh out Bianca more and give her a lot more to do. Including resolving these plot threads of hers.

All episodes of Wednesday season 1 are now streaming on Netflix.

What did you think about Wednesday so far? Are there any other things you want to see resolved in season 2? Let me know in the comments below.

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