Wolfman 2 Is Now Just A Werewolf

Universal was apparently considering doing a return the 2010 Wolfman despite the mixed reaction on the film by audiences and critics. They have rethought, reconsidered and finally realized: they don’t want a sequel and we should rejoce, right? Well, no, they just want to… well, what’s another buzzword that starts with “re”. Hint: it has a boot at the end!

Obsessed With Film gives us the deatils:

Michael Tabb (Ring Around The Rosie) has turned in a fresh screenplay that ‘shares a link’ to the original George Waggner 1941 black and white classic The Wolf Man. Perhaps a sequel of sorts to the original Lon Chaney Jr starrer?

The working title Werewolf is being branded around the studio, and meetings with potential directors will happen over the next few weeks. Amazingly, the film could go in front of camera’s as early as this fall

Ahh. Werewolf. That’s a (*cough*, *cough*) terrific title! But they are in effect, starting from a reboot-remix sort of flavor – after all the Wolfman of yesteryear WAS the main inspiration over the recent Joe Johnston flick -which I didn’t think was that bad overall myself – but it could have been better if there was a tug of war over ideas and a release date that didn’t move around.

Still, I’m not so sure what makes a new reboot of Wolfman (Werewolf) so special. It may as well be another period piece movie (which it is!) with the old school wolfman/werewolf (so it is!)

Oh, the think tanks at Universal. I love them to death, don’t you?

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11 thoughts on “Wolfman 2 Is Now Just A Werewolf

  1. I loved the Wolfman 2010 movie. The plot was great. I hated Benicio’s character dieing at the end. But that’s movies. They don’t always end like you want. I would love to have seen him and Gwen make a life together. Maybe a part 2 could have Melava bring him back. No matter what I would like to see a sequel.

  2. Cynical, Cynical, Cynical. I liked The Wolfman (2010). I thought it was well done. The overall look and feel of the film was good. Also the way the Wolfman looked was a nice tribute to the original. It wasn’t a great film but def a 7/10.

  3. Joe Johnsons not that bad?

    Hopkins looked like teen wolfs dad at the end.
    Benecio was completely wasted in it
    the effects were shody at best
    the only thing that went right in that film was the tone and overall look.

    edited to death, incoherant at times and NOT very scary.

    I love Lon Chaneys Wolfman. and his various apperances after that (Abbot and Costello)
    I was super-hyped when they annouced the last one. then….delays…delays….delays, re-editing and such. what was left was a pile of Wolf shit and another failed attempt to bring back the magic of Universal’s Classic Monsters.

    And I blame the Director for putting out such a lousy product.

    Next up for him: Captain America…..(OH BOY!)

    fingers crossed

    1. I didn’t say The Wolfman (2010) was a masterpiece.

      As for Johnson, for every Wolfman, there’s a Rocketeer or October Sky.

      “delays…delays….delays, re-editing and such” – that’s not all the director’s fault. Half of the delays were even before Johnston was brought on to direct. Yes, he should get some heat for it, but then again he only came aboard a few weeks before prinipal photography. The other half of those delays – putting in a few more action scenes, not knowing what ending to use, dropping Danny Elfman’s score then putting it back in…fair enough.

      “the effects were shoddy at best”
      At worst, Rick Baker still got another Oscar for those ‘shoddy’ efforts.

      1. He did get one didn’t he?

        touche, but they still looked weak.
        American Werewolf in London had better effects IMO

        still irked by the fact that it could have been soooooo much better.

      1. More original scripts become movies than remakes and adaptations. Hollywood just markets/advertises these remakes more.

        There is a LOT of originality in film. Even remakes have to be creative in their execution and scriptwriting. Its not at all accurate to say there is not any creativity and originality in Hollywood.

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