DC Universe Online Cinematic Trailer

Comic-Con is geek/nerd heaven. Each year, during this event, we get advances in movies, comic books, TV shows, and video games. Regarding the latter, here’s a cinematic trailer revealed at Comic-Con for DC Universe Online – a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in the DC Universe. The game is set an unknown length of time before a massive battle between the world’s metahumans. Led by Lex Luthor, an army of villains wage war against the heroes, killing Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Cyborg, while Green Arrow and Black Canary were killed offscreen. However all of Luthor’s army also falls in battle. Brainiac takes advantage of the chaos to take control of Earth, decimating its population. Lex Luthor, the only survivor, time-travels to the present to warn the heroes of the impending threat.

You got to love cinematic trailers. This trailer is just simply awesome. I just wanted to share this video game trailer with you guys, since we’ve been surrounded by DC and Marvel news from Comic-Con. I’m definitely getting this game for PS3.

What about you guys? Would you like a longer feature film from DC in this style?

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18 thoughts on “DC Universe Online Cinematic Trailer

  1. Been following this game on 2 years now, first saw the trailer on its release Saturday morning…gets better every time, even more so that once again there using most of the orginal voice cast.

    And hell yes, movies like this yes please.

    My ps3 cannot wait for Nov 2….just for you people who didnt know the release date.

  2. Agree. Agree. Agree. 100% Agree with all the above.

    Of course it won’t happen. Warner Brothers is, no doubt, already spinning their wheels to figure out what ‘big names’ they can get for a Justice League movie. And that right there is the problem: They’re going to try to dazzle audiences with name recognition, forgoing plot and character.

    But how cool would it be if they decided to focus on those instead and did a full-out CGI movie? By all means, pick big names for the voices (if they must), but as one of my friends pointed out “Then they could skip the hassles of trying to make sure the actors are out of mask for prominent face time.”

    Oh one caveat. Batman would have to be Kevin Conroy. As Peter Cullen is the true voice of Optimus Prime, Conroy is and should always be the voice of the animated Bat.

    But it won’t happen. Sadly.

  3. That was AWESOME. Why in the hell DC doesn’t release animated movies in this style is beyond me. If for no other reason seeing Superman Unleashed was badass beyond words. Take notes Bryan Singer.

    1. I think it has something to do with the whole Superhero’s being Kid/Family Friendly. But it seems that DC is finally seeing the error of their ways. Seeing how the Success of Nolan’s Batman made so much money. Not to mention that people are starting to mature faster so they can now do things a lot darker than they used to be.

  4. oh my I think I just orgasmed at work eating a mcchicken with french fries on it and watching at the 2:30 mark!

    This is one of many DC/Marvel cgi trailers that have made me wish they made full length movies like this. I would gladly pay 20 bucks for a blu ray of a 2 hour movie like this.

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