Green Hornet and Lobo are in Trouble

Green Hornet has faced a lot of bumps along the road. With on screen set problems and setbacks, it seemed like the film might not come out.

If Sony has anything to do with it… it might not. They hate it.

ScreenRant shares:

Well word is in that Sony executives have gotten an early look at Green Hornet and, well, their reaction was apparently less than enthusiastic. They say that the movie is too campy, Gondry’s direction is off, and yes, Seth Rogen (even though he’s lost weight for the part) doesn’t work at all in the lead.

This is bad news indeed. I had hopes against hopes that Rogen was going to surprise the crap out of me and offer up something really cool. But I assumed that he would go against his own flow and steer away from the campy. But it seems they still went that way anyways.

Now it might not be as bad as they are saying, but it doesnt bid well for the movie scheduled out this Christmas season.

But with this bad news also comes news that DC’s plans for Lobo are also not looking so good.

A Lobo film has been in the works for a while now, with Guy Ritchie attached to the project at one point and Akiva Goldsman producing. Since then, Ritchie departed to do Sherlock Holmes 2 and two other big-budgeted projects that Goldsman served as producer on (The Losers and Jonah Hex) have left Warner Bros executives less than enthused.

So it seems that Lobo might not even get off the ground.

Now I am not shedding any tears over this one as I could care less about the Lobo character. That whole book is just a joke giving DC a gag to hyperbole to Wolverine. And they want to make a movie out of their own self professed gag?

If that stalls I wont lose sleep, but I was really holding hope that Green Hornet would be a surprise. Now if they were wrong about Hornet, and if they don’t bother with Lobo, then I will be happy. But that’s a lot of “ifs”.

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16 thoughts on “Green Hornet and Lobo are in Trouble

  1. I was willing to give this movie the benefit of the doubt, when people were lead to believe that Rogan was going to play the character straight with some comedy added in, but hey it sounds like we’re getting the same old performance from the guy, even if he dropped weight.

    I was hoping that he would shock everyone including myself and deliver a similiar performance that nobody expected coming from Michael Keaton when he was cast as Batman, so unfortunately it looks like the closest thing that the fans can hope for in regards to a non-campy adaption of the character with a fresh coat of paint is Kevin Smith’s take on the Green Hornet in comic book form, which as we all know was originally his script for a proposed big screen adaption of the character, instead it sounds like Sony just produce a heaping pile of garbage.

  2. Green Hornet with Seth Rogen was a ridiculous concept at best.

    Here is what a Green Hornet Cast should be.

    Green Hornet – Thomas Jane
    Kato – Danny Chan Kwok

    I had absolutely no interest in a Green Hornet movie with Seth Rogen. He does not have the acting ability to pull it off and he also in NO way looks the part. That would be like casting Owen Wilson as Captain America. It does not work! Green Hornet when it aired on television in the sixties was a much darker series than the campy Batman (even-though they had a couple of cross-over episodes) I don’t see why Green Hornet cannot get the same updated superhero treatment as Batman? The whole thing pisses me off! A few years back there was a Green Hornet fan film that came out and it kicked major ass! Not only did it capture the look and feel of the characters but it also did a great job of modernizing the character in a way that made sense. Why Sony isn’t approaching this seriously is anybody’s guess. Hopefully this Seth Rogen abortion gets shelved and Sony chooses to go the way Spider-Man with this too!

  3. Maybe just sell this Green Hornet movie as a direct-to-DVD movie instead, to cut on costs and spare Sony the headaches. Why did they even bother producing this movie in the first place? Seth Rogen as the Green Hornet? Are you serious?

  4. WE will know soon about Hornet. The Studio is reacting to a rough cut. Way I see it, the got what they paid for. Personally, I think it’s not as bad as the report says.

    As for Lobo, I’m not losing sleep. It was a one note character. If they wanted to directly spoof Wolverine (Origins) in the Lobo film, it could…

    I’m glad its dead.

  5. I’d rather put a kibosh to this whole movie.Green Hornet would have worked as a tv series and not as a feature film. Sony wasted a lot of money on this.

  6. Wasn’t this supposed to be a comedy from the get go? Stephen Chow is not exactly known for his drama when he was supposed to helm it and Gondry makes weird looking and often funny films. Ad the fact that you got Rogen in there and I don’t really know why people thought this was going to be a straight action film.

    1. No one said you were “wrong” just that they were waiting to see him in the role first before jumping on that conclusion.

      I stated a while back that I thought he was an odd pick but publicity said he would be playing it straight, and showing off his newly slimmed down form. I was curious to see that change too.

      But it seems he went with hokey instead. You didnt tell us anything because you didnt know. You guessed and assumed. That your assumption turned out to be right wasn’t wisdom, it was a lucky guess.

    2. What?

      What are you talking about?

      i dont recall ever talking to you about this, maybe i did but i dont remember your input on this subject.
      Im sorry Rodney

      And people did say i was wrong in like 45 different blogs, facebook and school. So idk where youre coming from

      And as for my assumption, it wasnt a guess, i guaranteed it and told people my life depended on this, and i was right (duh)

  7. I don’t care about either of these. I lost faith in the Green Hornet when Seth Rogen was attached(not that I have a grudge against him or anything, He’s just not right for the role). Lobo is well, exactly how Rodney described.

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