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The Flash sequel written featured.

WB Already Has A Flash Sequel Written; Hopefully One That Recasts Ezra Miller

Hidden within a new report about the state of the current Warner Bros. Discovery leadership, is some news about the troubled Flash movie. Having gone through a lot of ups and downs over the years, everyone is eagerly awaiting the release of The Flash. Partly due to excitement for the movie that will reset the DCEU. And partly out of morbid curiosity for the final result of a project marred in controversy and scandals. But it seems WB is planning for its success, given that they already have The Flash sequel written by the same writer of Aquaman. Read on to find out what we know.

When The Hollywood Reporter released an exclusive about the situation over at WBD, there was a little nugget about having The Flash sequel already written. It seems WB is being super optimistic about The Flash movie’s chances, and getting ready for a sequel. While it’s definitely a positive sign, it does raise some interesting questions. The Flash movie has had issues from day one. From having multiple directors, the movie also had various issues with leadership changes at Warner Bros. But just when everything looked rosy and on track, weird things started happening with its star, Ezra Miller.

The Flash sequel written concept

Image via Warner Bros.

Over the last couple of months, Miller’s been arrested, charged, and involved in various incidents involving the law. From assault to breaking into people’s homes, Miller’s behavior has been a huge issue for The Flash movie. Miller is coming very close to cultural cancellation right now. With WB even having a meeting about what to do with the star and the release of the movie. Recently, Miller released a statement about their mental health, and issued a somewhat apology, as part of what many on social media are calling ‘the apology tour’. It’s a transparent attempt by the star and studio to try to redeem their image in time for The Flash’s release next year. But will it be enough?

The Flash introduces the concept of the Multiverse to the DCEU. With plans to potentially reboot all the inconsistencies with the shared universe right now. Early trailers show, not one, but 2 (so far) versions of the Flash, played by Ezra Miller. Not to mention the introduction of a Supergirl into the DCEU. But most importantly, the movie introduces Michael Keaton, as the same Batman from the 1989 Tim Burton iteration, as part of its multiverse story.

With Miller’s behavior, it’s uncertain if they will reprise their role in a possible sequel. But they absolutely should not! In my opinion, Miller’s statement and whatever apologies he provides are too little too late. Miller’s odd and strange behavior, including assaulting people is totally unacceptable. The explanations have come too late, and for WB to continue backing the actor in one of its biggest franchises feels like a mistake.

The Flash sequel written multiverse.

Image via Warner Bros.

Especially when you consider that acclaimed actress, producer, and writer Issa Rae recently called out Ezra Miller and WB as an example of Hollywood culture that enables abusers seemingly excuses their inappropriate behavior. And she’s not wrong.

Knowing now that they already wrote The Flash sequel, I’m hoping that screenwriter David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick is able to use the Multiverse concept to recast Miller and bring in a new actor for the franchise in a future film. It wouldn’t be the first time, such as Don Cheadle replacing Terrence Howard as James Rhodes in Iron Man. Or Mark Ruffalo replacing Edward Norton in the MCU. However, this could be the first time it happens with an in-universe explanation for the casting change. Fingers crossed!

Are you excited knowing that The Flash sequel is already written? Let me know your thoughts on all this in the comments below.

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